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Home Quarantine Bee

There is no guarantee

Take it from me

Queens bee honey

Businesses and people out of money

On lock-down

Whats the buzz!!!

What Epiphany
No buzzing concert symphony
Twilight zone wild fire
Windows need fresh coat

I feel I have a frog down my throat
Our prays became deep down to the root
solemn newspaper stories
Another death

Give me the pure world
baby birth more people
Prayers in Church/ Temple
Crowded to stumble
Tears of toilet paper no order
Overbuying like a hoarder
Dry cough faces of masks
Virus like a killer bee more risk
Whole world help “SOS”
Cleaning cooking no hugging
My Laptop wild “Amazon”
Virus is spreading nightmare- on

We are the world move- on
Silk wings super natural dove
All love-love-love
The magical potent birds/bees
Raw honey home baker high seas
Cherry blossom remarkable trees
Not feeling free TV- Netflix she-and- he
Writing poems healing with luck
Lock and key night and day shout-box
The Covid-19 out of control- outfoxed
Clouds moving economy is ruining
Back to life our “Godly” land blooming
“United hey world we stand*
All Together **


Sun Face Diner

Here comes the sun little darling
We all get burned

Like the sun clothesline

He greets your sun-face so divine

The red sunburn or
I sea “U-Turn”
Oh! Where I thou
Is the “Green-light Diner”
It’s telling us to Go
Diners never adjourned
*       *       
The Earth beauty faces
Hold a  direct sunlight how he
hit her blossom tree
Lovely honey bee
Her face could eat like

French brie tie a yellow ribbon

For me

Every love hour he poured
Her potent drink hungry eyes
The Sun  “Watchtower”
Someone knocks you off
Your “Bill” what a chill over Queen ice
The Goddess rodeo waitress
The sun hat without a dress Mistress
The slim shape vase she has a light fuse
cigarette 1940 case the hostess Rose
loves sunflowers
A smile in place

The stain-glass window sun-tears

Notre Dame work of art

Godly sun will never part
The earth talk kids rainbow chalk
I love you treetops like a beanstalk

Napoleon lights up connoisseur
Her table lights chandelier
New Jersey Diner capital

European beauty hunter’s menu
* he seeks

1-Antipasti with her Shiba Uni
2-Consomme Chicken soup
3-Sun-face like fruit loops
The News-day Gallery
4-Chicken pepper salsa
Sun-face money signs of Visa
5-Hearts of Artichokes with lace
Turquoise choker necklace
6-Soy ship ahoy salmon
I met my sun worshiper man

Fish tacos hummus
St Thomas
Rome was not build
In one day

The windpipes and
the tablecloths pipe=dreams
of stripes and zebras 

A lovely Divas of red snapper
Couscous salad big star dipper
Egyptian Gods camels have your back
Sun-face diner no time for a snack 
Diners from 1920-1940
Sun-face air-force dresses
Medieval times two swords Oh! Lords
Easter Parade in San-Francisco
Rice a Roni College Alumni 
” Ice-cream Spumoni” 

Dinner in the New York sky
Robin fly words of wisdom
Italian artwork Coliseum 
Look up in the sky its a
bird the diner shaped
like a plane bad romance

going insane
“The Sun face” smart I phone
Talk the rock and roll hall of fame
Waffle House wheres your spouse
Cowboy steaks American Flags
Cajun chicken legs Cabin log
At the caboose Ladybird Jet-lag

Valentine V Victory Diner chairs
She’s footloose homemade goose

Purple rain Prince maple pancakes
Bananas and strawberry fields
 Forest Gump sunshine marathon 

Yummy floats of egg cream right on
Open table Sun-face dream
Eggs light I’m not finished

over easy
Pristine of carrots with
artful daisies

Thanksgiving turkey
with giblets singing duets
A time well-bred marriage

Bell went dead carriage

Long ago time she saw the light
Daylight Knight change of food
star rainbow bright

Old and Victorian new lovers
wine and grapes chauffeur drivers

We are all Sun having fun on the run
Trillion times everyday Sun Valentine

Goody Two Shoes Godly

The London*
“Those Shoe Girls”
just want to have
The fun click of
the heel ground
“She’s born in her sandbox
Now ladies her shoe box”
The Pagent winner
“Miss Chatterbox”
Her shoes have a
better fit______*

Than her botox

Some like it Hot
Those Fifty Shades
of Gray knowing
your place
Walking in God’s Grace
Doing cartwheels
Head over heels
We conquer
The whole world
I will not share
my shoes!!!
“The sky has no shoe limit”
He’s paying my dues
“Going Moo” How do you do
(Designer Jimmy Choo)
Yahoos shoe passwords
Jet set first class
Glass slipper
Kickapoos shoe writer
“My Word Press” hum hum
The Odd Mom Oh Whatever
 A Shoe break hard leather
 Her soft petal I can not
 believe__ its__ butter
“If the shoe fits play
the drum”
Cocker Doodle Doo
Goody Two shoes

The women wear daily shrine

In her shoes “Mustang Sally”
All Mighty God

Thank heaven’s
for little girls

I love you in Grace

Sunsets hearts embrace

The dog doing the

“Charleston Chew”

Her most expensive
The genius Wizard of Oz

The right click red slipper

That’s show biz
Vacation Dr. Seuss
John Hughes
The master of clues
La mousse
Love truce X-File

Instagram, please smile
In her ballet slippers
He’s at the Hub
Foot rub dub tub

Hot-Stir Starbucks

Shoe warehouse

What Luck having a


The Shoe shape of things

to come I phone

Bare feet and Footloose
Gulf of Mexico

Taco’s and seashells

You ain’t got a thing
if you don’t have
the shoes to swing

Kick up your shoes and
start to sing______*


That’s all Folks, Goodie two shoes tied at the docks. We all own a pair
of shoes born to walk with the best of luck

World Revolves ? Not

What if I told you
not to discourage you
You’re the part of nature
The very part to be loved
and captured

The world scientifically

comes and goes

But perhaps? Your expectation
I want to encourage you

What we are not
We all need to

be recognized eyes up or

Falling down not to be


Like an energy force
What we hear let nature
Fly high but of course

How it got to you
Unexpected surprise
More digging artifacts

The true facts of divorce
Spiritual eye compelled you

To be or not to be
(The Shakespearian) dialogue
The world revolves around

The unique and the strange
(Many Rules) a dust of the wind
The dead ones The wild or bad ones
The kindest hearts of souls

It’s not very logical or practical
To use it never to abuse it how
another person transforms it
Solving the problems
Such a delicate moment the rose

And strike a pose I suppose

The Lady Madonna

Like it or? What before or not?

Your money is not always

what it seems
Feeling alienated mind


Yes or no the Nothingness

Going somewhere
Well let’s consider the Rainbow
yourself part of the family

How every molecule
something clicks
The good earth Apple
All the keys comma, star,

So many deceased or not

ever pleased
@  # whats the odds percentage %
The exclamation point! !! & etc

Fresh blueberries the sour cream
Those landmark cemeteries so
vivid not a dream

Every Data color is the
warmest earth worth

every beauty of color

The revolving Globe
Her Grecian robe contemplating
You’re the physical sensible person
Trying a (Sun filled) vacation

Our eyes see but they’re
not clear not the friendly
Environment somehow mean

Or bluer than the sky clean
But “Hi’ nice welcoming
Robin bird fly__*
Maybe it’s not your true birth

What do you know he knows
or she knows
Overly confident paint brush deviant
Don’t underestimate
Who we really are the believer

Comes in three’s negativity

Accept the craziness
You’re not the wallflower
The world captures you
Your head was spinning
with fascination
time of blessing
what is glory
Let the people hear you

The side of the story

The restlessness above all  the love
Feeling the dizziness

I know the world would be
a better place face your fears

I see the smiling face
Show your hair
The fresh cut daisy
The brightness soothes you
The Daisy my favorite
because of Mom
She taught me well

I will always be her daisy
What makes us happy
That personal growth we don’t
need a wish just push forward

The EBB-Bee’s Shrine

Her pulse rate
Please match me
“Bee’s high”

No fireflies to burn my money
Honeycup fingers devour it
The yellow- brick road pours it
The Van Gogh yellow
Honey Queen Bees follow
their fellows
Am I Waiting? 12345_*

The first mate
he ain’t got my sting
The others don’t mean a thing
The headset swirled to pitch black
Watch your tattoo back blinded
by your yellow
Too many honeycombs
spoiling his ring,
His honey like some hot disease
What an increase in salary
month of June
All the Kingsman double sting it

On the ebb, to triple play it
It’s a  Lil- Deb on the ebb
buzzing the personal
Up close the sting
One of a web kind
He makes his move
“Google it” checkmate

Miss Butterfingers her
clicks get stuck
He caught her act
What a stinker

He checked her off the fate
of a singer

To update, on the ebb bees
Sting Shrine what’s mine
But why on your time?
That parking meter roar lion coins
build me a buttercup
What a buzz cut please shut up
On the ebb of my interns the
a seduction that’s no crime

The Queen of Cherchez
So the lemon square
Bee’s at 1960 Worlds fair
He took the bait
La Femme au-fait
Post date,
The ebb bees
two lips stick like beeswax
The ebb of everlasting sales tax

“Les of the Mohicans”
of her most desirable
words he narrates,
The honey-blush trees

Bees on his proposal knees down
The Queen’s bees money

Money for nothing and your
checks for free our freedom
Dire Strait music shrine
Sunshine Gold free state
She donates her heart he awaits

Like 100 degrees hottest light
The golden armor shield
Bees were coming to America
Oh say can you see by the
Dawn-Sting Night

His overflow
His soul the magnitude
every heartbeat
extremity on the ebb of destruction
On the edge of our sanity web rated

Taking a long devouring breath
Like it came at birth
Ripleys believe it or not
forget me not flowers bees
Love was true never to
be false eyelashes

He touched her skin
He goes deeply drawn in
Sting shrine all the envy of mine

Ebb of the darkness her virginity
like a novice

The sting buzzes shes the naughty novella
His sunrise spread with his pocket knife
That honey (Goddess) sun Italiano

Sting shrine like Valentine her Spa treatment
To be raised in the
“Amazon Prime” Honeybee sticky hands

Facebook take a look everyone is an open book
On her ebb of the Emmy multiplying
I hear the bees sexy seduction
Geology is the Bees Queen hot Sting
Her impulses she tried to hold back
But went forward with her
desires of him
Her draws bumble bee lingerie
She was the drawback
Wanting her ringback
Honey eyes were set back
And I’ll be back to slingback

Asteroid Ebb of her hub sexual
Wicked impulses being
aroused by his hot yellow rod
Like the smile increased
her face value
All body textures of virtue

What a pressure body point
Attuned to the sting shrine
The Monk the bees are alive
with the sound of
music modifying her sting Gods
Got reckless Moms whats the odds
Like a shock of eternal love, I’m sold

Toxicity facing our reality
That’s the jungle of publicity
Duplicity like the twin city
Both smiled bright yellow and black
Dress Bumblebee sexuality
To its authenticity

Her color of lips
build his sexuality
Beehive sanctuary
Playing the flute
Ebb Bees are so cute

Her name is Brooklyn
beehive of hair
Heres the shock waves bride of
Changed to better
brains of Einstein

They both stare face to face
Her ebb of the tip
of her bosom with Grace
We earned this day

May I Tango Mr. May-(.0

She was smoked
salmon so spread
Like his creme of
the crop

Smoking hot circles
0-0 0_No-No
The points… Dots
And shoe size petite

The whole website
To love and honor
Whats in her moves
The private Dancer

May I never be dropped
To be overly loved
I am not asking for more
The score more or less
can be
The greatest dancer
O yes, so many pretenders?
More spread like__

Mr ((Mayonaisemeeting
Handsomely Hellman

Falling into your
embrace Tango-Tie
I- Apple creme pie
to phone U
May I tango  4-U
Sweet lips of mango
Don’t shed one tear
Listen to what is said?
How her dance step
to be read
next year to be wed
Like your hot rods
and hubcaps near
your bed choices
To sweep me off my
feet well said
The tango soprano voices
The Hub
Rubbing my
dancer’s feet his treat
Wildflower Salsa beat
Emotional dance

*The Tango*
_ design
Contacts to sign
To his excitement
Steps are well
the dividends
Drinking tapas
The fine tip of gratis
Sign sealed and
dance delivered
In an instant
dancing contract
Two bodies dance
as one__
Flaming intertwined
Brazilian Silky- hair
Mr. May-0 tango pair
Mr. Hellman
merci beaucoup

His desires came with the loop
The mixture mango scoop
May-0, not the May Day
No clouds passing
in grays
So festive never passive
Well made beaded

Peacock Miss Marrietta
The Birds of the feather
Expression of sensual faces
To impress the right man
Distinctly dressed
Explanation point
May I interject my
Tropical sandals high-point
Tango dancers have a
the certain way
The lovely maiden
Names day and age

Eyes engage contest page
He to her side fancy
May- 0  in her Prime
Another Day-Oh!
Don’t move her dancer
days to sail away
Sea breeze perfect per day
Her fancy dancer
shoes not on
       *       *      *       
In the now a dancer
nowadays taking flight
Every day always
the dancer’s way
You Amaze so blessed
Like your possessed
       *       *       *
Titans in a blaze
How it may arise
He was dancing to her
movement bodily salsa
To her toes up to her
Tango lips amazing dips

White Picket Fence Party

Those Malibu
The kick
in her
Being Nosy
Days in
or out

The cozy
Calvin Klein
Wild horses
stop you
or keep
Time 4-U
Only you* *
2 B pushed
Far in
The Star wins
What about the?

Why is this all

leading to nonsense

Let’s have the

better sense

I didn’t exactly

say the sixth

I hope the
first choice
My pick
The picket fence

You could leave now

I have a show to put on


White horses wouldn’t

keep me away

Start Up Imposter

But as sad as it seems

the imposter

Came closer
Darth path

Dark Mistress
ever imagine

Targeted Both
Crooked teeth
To be born
That way Lady Gaga
Don’t go near me
Dead ringer
You’re not me
I see me
And so much of my
Don’t start me up

All people, the stranger

Got fired the ranger

This is how it started
Conned to be dated
Wrong  stirring types
“Boston  Cafe Strangler”
All over skype

All Don Juans
Fake Hollywood tans

Bad Moon


when its all said and


“We wanted every lie”

No way out 6 feet under

Was this my biggest slice of

Apple computer bytes
Viruses and memories


Imposter of cruel to be kind


My private eye lying shelf

My ears were wiggling

And money starving

My house was empty

Quick and slick

The startup
New Renovation

R&R Robin-Risque

My Coffee Imposter
Stealing my good bean

My cup on the outside

how I felt lied to

Nowhere dead on arrival

Godfather of the mob

Was my only survival

They are coming toward

my face

My imposter’s hand

The long hill to my

home long payments

His imposter suit
needed a presser
Looking treasures inside

my dresser

to recharge my I 4 Imposter

I was losing my identity

I needed to lose them

in the crowd

Why did they pick me

Carnal $ Cuddly

Smart Ass got nailed
Long French tipped

But not reliable

only money

and stealing identities

Under the weather
dirty laundering no
‘Holy Water’
Eyes of the crime
Estee Lauder
Included the mob of utilities
Being an Imposter
Such clever abilities

The Imposter the add-on

How everything sums up

The morons
Startup engines
City cat felines

no catnip just

Cat and Mouse brainwashing

Those holiday reminders

Tears not real reindeers

Comic-con of
Roosters bars filled
with Hooter

Why are they so good

at what they do

At the very end no affection
I wonder why so many
they fooled to get

That summer solstice

throwing wedding rice
It’s better when U-R
fed up

My Bentley bruiser
French tickler

The computer browser,

my money was deleted

I was sucked dry

Being adventurist


The afterlife of souls

My mind was far

Being fooled by the

right star

Being ruled over


Was so foreign
The conman all the
cars were fixed up
to be stolen

Making progress

The imposter they

never confess


All heirs of


And others hot as hell


Animated my mind

So slick Uppishness

Her money so played up

The sex drive he rose up

and fetishes so

rubbish sneaky snobbish

Hollywood dreamers

Upmanship why did the man

And the woman turned

dull she vanished

His upper pants

to her underpants

Watching his upper lip

Meeting her lower lip

More deceiving

Those uptowners
Over their limit


All con artist doers
Those eyes of snakes
Crawled like Vemon
Like a shoe shiner

Startup mind controllers
Had the money

Jupiter Mars and
fake stars
Let’s start over
Imposter and his dog
trained him well
Just like that to roll the
money over

What a bad start upbringing

Such laryngitis copycat

Forged artist go splat

Con game that’s it

The good thing she was left

with her wedding finger

Miles Move Us Mentally

I could see for miles                    Up $ Up
Why so difficult to move
a smile stay put to raise           so upliftingly +
A new existence a phrase
You could move miles                2-  Praise
way up and away
You’re voicing the big hit         up towards you
Mentally sing rejoicing
The slightest smile
­ Where did it go??

I see your smile sadly

Oh! No

Move the frown
Miles way down


Oh! no  downward
­   3 times
Love me more
Chosen 1
On 1
One more chance

Oh! God

Godly wait the smile++
Miles of Welcoming
“The Meeting” his smile
How it timed us

the door
Smiles hit us through
the floor
Winding staircase
What goes up must come
Someone is the pick-up Artist
picking up
Their smile’s the love pair

U-R going down
Somewhere mentally
Bonded together
physically hot-headed

The Pillsbury baked
Dough man
Miles of lovey
He’s “Gooey Oh! Joey”

The cool landing
You were marked
“The Given”  To give and love
but feeding the poor
“Smiley face”

Brings more lifts
More gifts @
Holiday season
God first
Not always about being
the first class who will pass

You walked into luck?

Such a sprinkled purple


Mental telepathy
Mentally everything

Wearing his College
school ring was something
The bell rings
swinging jazz pitch

In school remembering
the lost and found
His eyes were striking out
Dodgeball telling her

He didn’t want to lose her
She made the Robin Joy Fly
the home run became all her
She won him over the shooting
Stars “Godly smiles nothing
compare to their love look above

Mentally we all need a smile escape relax and sit back and enjoy the smiles

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