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The 🎀  𝐵𝒶𝓇𝑒 𝒯𝑒𝓂𝓅𝓉𝓇𝑒𝓈𝓈 🎀


She muted and so remotely said after the devastating end to her first marriage this one is a Teddy bear.She said to have the right potent I do not want to go to LA up in this car with your smoke and the interior smelled of Bunny Rabbit that lost her amazing ring Karat. She said what the hell it stinks and smelled so sex Honey potty. She could beat them up like silly putty. She didn’t need the Mountain Bare photographer. She was the bear graphic love encounter. Like a bear hunt chasing them. But did he really change bear hug looking from behind his bun pack what a hot backpack? Did I miss Goldilocks her dress with garters me brutal? What the hell happen to Honey bear Gretal.  He repeatedly told me he loved me like he was reformed? She carried her Teddy bear mug on the sexy silk end of her sheets. She said he needs to get control of this hug notes of beats. Teddy hairy chested publicity. Like an ice cream, you have that first taste pleasurable serendipity. But how you get used to it. Then his cravat doesn’t exactly fit.

Is this what we bargained for chair of a bear to sit she is throwing tight hug fit.Like a Literotica cool read cock-lit.

Too many Ted’s to sleep with.What amazing lingerie the kinky-bra and wet moist panties.

To see you with Ted. He’s way too sticky all over my silken smells of honey bed.

All we do is have a bare outtake on your the grizzly bare chest. We often go to the galleries looking around at other Bear Techs. What fun sexy gadgets.All I am asking for is hugs but I keep getting nasty digs is that too much to address. When I’m on my cellphone all honey bee’s and Bear men barely can envision you like some Teddy bear fully grin it bear him dressed.

Here it is the Teddy Incite Temptress

Well, I don’t know if anyone can feel the way I am feeling. What does he really know? Things should come naturally like a science how you study a person but you got the wrong biology.  She listened to his message all the way to the three fear for her life bear ends. She could hear the guilt in his voice like an entity or entreaty. He was lying to the press all secrets how much she wanted a baby but she couldn’t. She loved to multitask but it wasn’t the right time. She’d give him everything so tightly knit. He was the man with million disguises. Then she was turning into another person that wasn’t apparent who she wanted to be.What should really matter to be true to yourself so many other women, how they sense to know something. But what is really true or false.

Or whether it’s her hip movement another alarming heart fake signal. She was the real Selena, not a twin sister. He saw the bad tabloids giving her an ulcer.She needed to do something__that made her feel__like a hug for security winner. Do you think you planned it right how you justified yourself? Why do we always think we need to be on a computer we Google our minds summoned on body heat robot. Is she the hot search engine.

Had she realized another part to do on the set? The grizzly beast he’s sopping body Porn wet.

Are you ready just hug and roll? She loved her bread in-between time of their cold movie cuts.

She was the down on her luck actress.But she could heat them up.

Grin and Bear it: she said it’s eight barely Oh no- My big huge clock in the morning hug me and walk away.

Well, well…, a familiar male sexy voice aren’t you full of surprises?”

First act She barely seems her bear self. She felt like Burlesque French Brie slippery on her dance steps and he was the barely naked coming out of the  Black forest cake. Did I say forest Oh! Gee another ranger what a growl for my smoky forest eyes.

He was the second act: Throwing some heavy words.They were so unbearable and I felt like a prey bear baiting. Was this like a bad ritual a dream of dating?

Bear tractor movie trailer how well did he act to feel it.He loved my cinnamon bear coffee what bear abilities taking care of my cave.I was always so blizzard cold BRR. I had to put on his bearskin piece on top of my treasure chest I felt like a Cheetah racing purr.

(Gazingly so bear tenderly she barely seems her bear self) He could heal her. She said “Hey! what are you doing?”

She barely waits for the right moment you could hug me he said I wouldn’t have it in a three bear way. Go make my day.

The Apple doesn’t fall far from his tree what a tech bear.And it seems that he can bear a little resemblance to the hunt of reality. He thinks he is the computer tech? Do you think you got the whole earth “Giant Panda” substance? Like the stock bear market, He is taking away her goods of honey.She’s so cooked up my lady have it your way the new improved Mr. Mcdonald hamburger so unbearable? Can’t you wait for the heavenly blend your first cup of the morning? How he reboots he knows you so well bravo reformed. He sweetened you plop and you certainly went further then you needed to go. You felt sugar raw warm brown sweater so blessed to share a cup of cinnamon smells hugging bear coffee with him. He’s like a tantalizing so cuddly Teddy bear. He’s been transformed into something forest fire danger. When you wake up you scream like another creature. Are you losing some more sable fine hair?  You’re both trying too hard to get a furry blanket grip drinking too many love affairs of coffee. You’re looking at the news or reading each other’s mind. Your saying how healthy is everyone’s food what a grind of his Coffee beans. Your the American women singing the song and three bare skin men came up to you.

I felt like Miss America too many people were hugging me tightly. I felt like a bear in the Mall to build a bear people were throwing their jumping jelly beans.

Remembering the President Reagen loved his jelly beans. We should be turning everything organically grown. Too many dead weights it became. How love is formatted like how your word’s come out like a spat of recession. Taking another comfy pillow talk airplane flight. Is Your’s so first class having the finesse the whole shebang of everything? All that I know is life is so compelling how a person can touch you so alluring and match up to your charm. I will let you know right now. I am getting so touched by a bear of Einstein full of activity fleshy mass of his plethora of words. Like M standing for Micheal do it with log fire moderation. How we master our artful words M equals love on a mission.

Feeling someone’s wilderness being brave with devotion something just hits you. How someones words motivate and bring you to a new oasis. It may not look familiar but it does the tricks and you are forever frontal sold. He may move on with one bold tight fit Oh! what about me she replied and he sinewy replied back “I am going to hug someone else” to the next level. How comforting someone new I can feel it. How I just know it fits the bill of all equations.

I am feeling tightly appliqued so fitting. Such a Teddy Oh! La La bear. How Ted chucked over me the only other place she could have asked him to take her. Oh, releasing his hunger what a hunt am I the package left at home.

I am back in fortunes bear cave how shuttering my mind is but at the moment skin is cuddling. I am touched but I am also the fistful of pain so provoked. He excites me I feel like I am marked like an animal. He will always track me to find me. Too much aphrodisiac oysters and for the love of masters, I can stay inflamed in our bodies the taste of her and the taste of him awry appetizer picking the little delights. How her body moves when she worked up to the steamy hot better ones. Its what I deeply deserve French warm and toasty love headquarters. What’s for dessert all on the bear house orders. I became a special hug recipe. I wasn’t a stripe or the sultry play up stars. I was the furry warm brown mink how I wore it bear-fitting well.

The heat so like a love soiree intense. Let’s just say I am being entertained how my thoughts feel a giant climax cumming on. But he is so soft I really need to work on him to get hard. How can I unlock the real Teddie bear like an enneagram he’s getting sexy. How he sizes up to everything he’s smoking like a bear jacket Hugh Hefner. If I can only body flex him like the animalistic creature but it’s getting a bit tight and stuffy. But those Playmates Holly like Teddie incites all over the between the bread website. Do you see the scented candles in lip shapes so hot? How he is a sensor I know exactly how to taste his afterglow fill/ed* my heart. He was ablaze he signaled me way down dreamy wicked concert. This feels naughty sometimes brutal bear game. But I was losing still sex gravity smile but beaten.

Like one less tight fit hug, I am still hot and dripping. I’m his beauty he made me feel different sexy beast. His noises and my moans he brings out the sexy siren. How I can touch his apex fluids I was spiraling around his drips. We love looking into the mirror we stare I see him cuddle. I get all nude I change to lust his words cannot be tolerated their hard. My lips are Mrs ice-cream soft-tee dripping honey bear nectar. He’s the Hannibal how trying to be a good humor absorbs every touch so moist. What a sore eye for love sighting and I slip on his semen what a Seamen he’s the

“Climax of the Captains.”

Oh! smooth like a Teddy bear of diction.”

“In his heart, there is a metal detector how I love is so inviting he squeezed me with palpitation he spilled his drink bubbly hairy chest vibrations.Those toxic but deadly sensual the sex to me is fulfillment like no other he doesn’t talk back to me. He’s just my Teddy with a rose what a sperm and my honey bear spices.

The heat is an oracle all symbols of orgasms. My breast is massaged with exotic the finest Italian bee’s honey. How I fantasized blew/kiss you blow?  Sorting out so many things way out of bear-like proportions. How he is stirring up for a challenge so voluptuous your boobs he cannot wait to lick your Valentine’s hearts. How his boxers hug to your begging desires. You got goosebumps devoured in his bids like an auction house candy.  You’re like a paramour, I could taste his Peking duck. How you got to him right out of his cock-lights. You were so blazing and he’s beckoning you on.

But he is still bear-y soft your the seduction in the fortune of bears bed. Your boobs and all those bear babes like the playboy mansion. But the game goes on boobs with barriers. Like a beguiling, you open up to him like a bud. He’s enjoying his “Budweiser” he’s bursting and helplessly your loving every stimulating touch. He keeps stroking his penis.

Your feeling hug like Teddies Incite Temptress. ‘There you are I thought I lost you.” Like her bear/best friends/wilderness date how he claimed everything wasn’t as perfect as he wanted it to be. They were so different but always going back to the bear fortunes bed possessiveness like a tight deep inside her pinch how his bear fight turned into a caress so intensified with such solid strength. You just know he was a bear in charge. Like the bear man, she’d so desired every craving fallen that cuddly seductive hug skills. He rose the loud hairy chest hug went high up. She needed to swallow there were some tension and bittersweet candy taste that did get stale like he stolen her soul. She needed a liquor coffee he loved everything delightfully honey sprinkling up lovers and big furry details needed to get spread out over the bed.

How it became fortune seven bears it was taking shape in his mind teddies lingerie box-like intellectually challenged. What a side she had to bring forward. To be sexed up love pursued. Like President Teddy, the rose gets faded you needed to keep up the pace. Her nudity like a fresh virgin-like painting. He loved to stroke all her specially heartful curves.He always brought her Oh! God the best Godiva he would drink coffee and Italian slow tempered sambuca. But her body was thinking back to his touch it was different than any man she was with.Those super hugged fit Egyptian sheets she was superconfident but he was uncivilized and he said ” I want to be sure. You know what your hugging” She replied “I know what I am hugging you gave me hope and plenty of moments to reconsider.

How it hummed inside her heart.What “A” plus smile tugged at the corner of his seductive lips. She was turned on he didn’t move for a second like he was a stuffed animal she saw a little movement in his glass so infinitesimally. He loved to tease deliberate spill when he leaned forward her silken body all honed he gave a lick. He leaned her on her back that was her favorite position they both didn’t move like they weren’t real. She stroked her hand over his bear-y chest she could remember all these fascinating things another time another bed. She pinched him hard like the “Solar” plexus. She said I am some lucky son of a gun all the bears in the world I would get closer to where exactly are you snowed hugged in North star Dakota? I don’t suppose it somewhere under the covers his ravishing rainbow. Oh! my Kentucky heart or maybe near…hmm…he was amazing adept hugs and adventurous mouths.

So certain special body parts to hug at one time Her juicy red lips how they can endanger any sexual creature. At first, she dropped the bombshell like a partnership proposal. She felt like she was always at his proposal. So gossipy the society of bear ladies like the nude gallery of erotic love paintings.Take your pick for a long moment their gazes clashed like the titan what strength in his bear handshake.To be loved her tears shimmered. How he could feel her frosting into his veins. How life is complicated but we need to hug and stay sexy raw with a lick of  Mr. “Smoky Bear” heat. Everywhere with her smoky eyes and her bear left a memory. What a spanking she got and he was licking his Hollywood babes of honeypot.

𝐻💗𝓉 𝒲𝒶𝓍 Tax Return

Times we’re freezing we felt the coldness.
The money like a bad “LOVE” cruelness.
Through everyone’s power eyes dead ringer

Like “Arrowsmith” singing

»——•          »——•          »——•

Those big payments and lies. The Text worded

“Leave me Alone”
But some days like passionate tax undertone.
The taxes I hear a Melody I tunes going up.

He’s on quick return rise.
But no one left her alone
But I hated  my overpayment here comes
The bad omen phone.
“Me and You.” 𝓣𝓪𝔁𝓶𝓪𝓷 money fight

when I looked down

Boy did he rise in my taxes ♥ Rising.

All his returns cruising who is losing.

He gave me a run for my money flight.

Like he rented me for a night ♣
The winter months I felt deep in hot quicksand.
Sly Fox his big box what’s in it for you?

Your head hit the pavement.

Is this my money arrangement?

He slides me another tax statement.
Dark London shaking hands Mr. London Fog.

Hot fire all clamped fire logs  he’s

all camped eating like Stock werewolf hog.

Between a rock no money no home
Just add on taxes my heart alone
The heat builds like a fire log.

No time for the holidays’
It ain’t easy with my eggnog 𝓣𝓪𝔁𝓶𝓪𝓷
Another wicked tax return I got nothing
Whats the truth the mistress got everything
How many pies can I bake “Hugo”
She had the over-inflated ego

She was pressed against him

slender column scandalized burned
She was written up lap love return

He popped super taxed but solemn
Way above Tax column

Her body tax add on’s glide ons
What a crazy time their 𝓣𝓪𝔁𝓶𝓪𝓷 morons

sensual inviting symphony
Certain cruel time Jeremy irony
He came again with tax return Knight

How he surrenders No taxman pretender
What a tax relief he was riding off
That write-off she loved her time off
Why couldn’t I have a big inheritance

How he played up Mr. Max a million

Something hit me like to invest me

His sensual act sax
He knew exactly what to say sexual pleasure device
I felt crossing over I saw the heated wax

burning twice
She was flat broke slightly lost in the tax man’s
advances he spoke
Well what do you know he left his cash he returned
That was a big bonus she earned with crack tile.

R for 𝓡𝓪𝔃𝓸𝓻 𝓒𝓾𝓽 ♬

Robin Rambles saying what’s on her mind relaxing music rhapsodic.Such powerful feelings all points of views living on the edge romantic out of your comfort zone. Too many I phone whats next mouths race like a hurricane.  Let’s turn to the next page R again for Rage but sometimes we escape things get cool and refreshing to read remarkable men and women indeed. We all stand together in such difficult times of need.Not everyone you can read 💜

♥ Read ♥                                           ◔◡◔                        𝒬𝓊𝑒𝓈𝓉𝒾😍𝓃 𝓂𝒶𝓇𝓀𝓈

Things become question mark too many people ended up without electricity in the dark. One chosen thing to recognize full force on the water rise.Another picture like a sunset movie cut. He’s wearing the new style razor cut. She loves her new look razor cut too. Going to  London well suited he’s sharp looking.R for ravishing with her computer on her lap. Eyes like the storm but erotic and your personality on the edge.You’re so emotional but throw a curve ball conventional. But the wild thing you make my heart sing. So red hot expression Robin bird Regal penthouse wing. Looking out your window so many eateries and restaurants. Reading her mind no rhyme and reason so totally Rad rhyming how times and historical moments sad with some people saying I should of or could have done with regrets.

We’re going Robin mad going to Moscow the Red Square Restaurant. Wanting to say something so rollicking lips so rosy delicious like a relish. The river of no return rippling Marilyn red hot curves.Wanting to eat something French food Hors d’oeuvres small bites but the rainstorms made me feel heavy.

So many people became worried over the websites floods of red raincoats. Feeling like some Ruby Tuesday but it’s only the blues of Monday but feeling so red cheek embarrassed. People on the news hysterics needing those private moments cherished.Rain Forest of beauty trees praying to God on our knees. Such addiction Mom’s and Dads going on rebooting shopping sprees. Why are we always running out of gas? R for razor-cut sending out S-O-S.Recharge going to Friday’s what a Red Robin gourmet hamburger after the storm your house being robbed burglary.

She was looking more like red lobster lost her sanity. Flooding your mouth like a river of Tums. Reliving Real Estate maximums Re-max video games or Reddit. Going to Brooklyn forget about it?  Red hot mouth rapturous lovely Rita ravishing but like a Hurricane so upset everything in your life you feel such a fret. R for reruns no time for having loads of fun. Refreshing so rewarding quiet storm now relaxing. Too many floods we need Vitamin C time for talk R for rambling on no electricity in the dark five million people record the high bad hit. Robin so robust.He’s sexy rugged. Staying sturdy rich with flavors. Praying and trying to help  Helping each other in this storm let’s not snap eye of the storm your eyes turned red bloodshot didn’t sleep hoping Please God!! don’t let this be my last shot.R for ready I’m giving it my all no way this will break me to fall.
Razor Sharp looking Reindeer’s riding. Re entering your Royal home best royal plates flooding. So rich redesigning your words you must save your reputation. Looking radiant like your Hawaii let’s hurry to go on vacation. You are recovered feeling renewed like the rock star like Romeo no Juliette.You regret how many clouds of smoke of cigarettes. Another red hot eye of the storm roommate. Remodeling your new sublet.Tricks are sexy but no rollicking waves of tricks.Your assets so rapturous red heart like a magnet.Red love keys.Red fire moon tricks are sexy.

Everything is computerized you always on your tablet. Razor sharp knife wishing you had another life. Walking on the red carpet.Pictures rule like French kiss Monet. Something went flat like a crepe Suzette. You tied your hair back French barrette. Ravishing but he’s the Rebel he gave me a run for my money like the Ramon noodle devil. He sold your ring big diamond baguette he put you in the highest ramble of debt.You started to gamble like the rebel of roulette.You got another ring to reset romancing the stone. The phone keeps ringing you scream Red Devil leave me alone no R words again only the Author Robin.

♥ Maddeningly ♥ Bite Me 🍒

𝒱𝒶𝓁𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒾𝓃🍑 𝒲𝒽𝒾𝓅 Slut Shoes

She stepped into his bullshit.
She was the foot model.
Pussy whipped  pumped me portal
She loved them madly over
her heels whip creamy brutal.
He was the designer he
engraved her naval

He had what a shoe takes.
Peter on a shoe meter doing the time.
It better fit fucking perfect.

Stand over me erect
Make him another offer shoe crime.
Dominant exactly size right
She opened her mouth shoe fit tight.
His foot rough inside.He guides her
heels dig him she rides them.
Those fetish foot mouths.Leather whip them

Leather whip them all of them

His business There’s
No Business like a “Shoe Slut”
From the back.King Tut
What heels of a firm butt.
On the plane going North
Southern Belles beating me

They landed high cockpit slide cock.
What a tip of the toes.
Especially designed she knows.
He’s the sadistic player kick Horseshoe toss.

She was destined for trouble.Porn show mingle
She was over his cock heading triple shot. tits and heels double feeding hot

He’s the  Valentino cock boss.

Erotic shape shoe cup don’t cross

Over his knee, spanking horseshoe toss
Oh! Merci’ Moncier Ginette cuff
and beat up leathers.
The newscast shoes she placed over his semen.
She went head over heels erotic purple rain.

A good thing sadistic shoe phone rings got wetter.

What a Prince.Her French shoes her fuck day in France.

The beat goes on he’s racing horses whip. She beat him with her drips of seduction. I was walking with my Valentino rock stud reaction.

How he spiked me.I was his fetish shoe. Soft leather she wore him well

My standing ovation creation.She lives in her shoes Please God don’t tell.

I started to pump ovulation.
She has elevated his footprints he lost his leverage.
Her heels stuck to the track.
His cock long my green wizardly thick acres.

What a shoe tight fit. My Prince tip of his cock purple rain headache.

I put my most expensive shoe in his mouth. Month hell of a fuck after month.
His Valentino shoes
traveled show swingers states.
He looked at this Babe his heart escalates.

That Christian Louboutin she had the biggest knockers. He was eyeing her took her in bonbons.Her shoe secrets in her locker.

took her in bonbons.

She’s lustful lined up for him.he  lady pump her red hot
All shoe ready to do him. laced with dots
Her head steamed the words hummingbirds
on her Coffee swinger Cup shoe sex drip addict.
What to predict Louboutin….

Oh! being teased come on.

biggest hard on

Over his knees rules, I felt like a mule.

He was stepping all over me.
So, Jimmy Choo,
those cowgirls milked him
pleaded him her name was Cleo
he strapped them onto his boots.

Their heels were the length of
6 inches his cock was rising there
tip of his lips caviar wishes.
The shoe fits suck those maiden bitches…
I will never swap shoes for ugly witches.

𝒫𝑒𝑔𝒶𝓈𝓊𝓈 $ 𝒫𝒽☯𝓃𝑒 𝒞𝓊𝒻𝒻𝓈

Roll that red carpet dine $ lips wine over me

He’s over me to Love me? To wed me all cuffs

sheets under me. Pegasus loves me.

She-devil art deco just do me!!

Phone cuffs speak to me. Can’t you feel me?

Her smile how swift he cuffs me in drifts
The phone circle’s me I see his cleft
I got a Lead his sensual smoke.

I phones ring no doubt glass she broke.
Me Sherry valuable and vulgar
She’s the red pepper a dash her by far
hot dissolved sugar  Pegasus star
Mr. Rude touches everything that’s
hard not sugar cubes semen
Galley kitchen. I have a video website
What a hell’s swinger kitchen there’s no God
“Greece”.Miss Monroe wiggly hips my satisfied grin

my satisfied grin. Santa Porn cookies monster mini.

Deliciously random words of wealth
I Phone Mistress by Mistake Porn mouths
The sex Island of Santorini

Miss pussy Poseidon adventure.How she split

How she split took off with Pegasus and Darth
her lover sky she laid me out like a turntable but
I wasn’t exactly in my hot cakes to fry stable.
She had it she made it and she laid it out to forget it
I phones and cuffs to capture… swizzles with swingers

My master keep’s us jumping. Big muscles
chest I am stumping homey bad heel side
soft wings pussies What a cowgirl so fastidious.
In the bunch of erotic smells of hay.
She won the contest like it was her Lotto Tit ticket pay.
Apollo the Clouds nymph of the sea. Who’s the best
swimmer by night fucker.
That lucky Athena sea beautiful
kept her shape on the phone climax shake
Does Pegasus fly the Victoria Giselle wings her
active mate? Phones together cuff celebrated.
Phone me yellow tail Sushi lover X-rated
They got laid all night on the Fiddler Roof.
Sunrise and he wore the low set.

These other New Jersey wives are the great
Gatsby the Great fucks you bet.
I rather drink my “StarPornbucks”
best coffee I ever had.

She acts like she ‘s some mistress.
lost cause dress numb.
She lost her part of the bed wing.

So succumb nooks and cranny crumb.

She dressed me smoking jacket sexy
spikes and cuffs with Sally
Did I Miss something hot mustang?
Please don’t search me or phone me
You won’t get me or see me
He’s so jealous I am the maid devious
Flying like Pegasus
.My lips pen
I write he’s the sucker
Those Greek Gods took my best car
Bently Girl bruiser.
I am hot Athena Hollywood blower.

♥  Ẹ𝓧Ŧ𝕣α𝐒 𝒮𝒽𝑒 𝑅𝑒𝓈𝑒𝒶𝓇𝒸𝒽𝑒𝒹 𝐻𝒾𝓈 𝒯𝒶𝓁𝑒𝓃𝓉

 The Extras X-rated see all about it
Please don’t touch it we need to inspect it?

He’s researched I am cursed  I was the one searched

I only have 69 lipsticks to blow his pouch

What could be worse I was left alone all touched up couch
Touch it X-rate it  I get the credit  I fucked him. So you forget it

So you forget it.I created it Extras cocks attached.

So thick mint condition. Sex bruised to be kind domination.

Talents come and go extras what dividends.
All spread out the continents.Did he have enough research?

I got a wild Boob hunch? What’s for lunch?

I will give you a hint what’s thick and mint condition.

Computer hot you printed it  body visual fusion

“Who’s accountable” Don’t be so humble.

Monday blues
Tuesday Newscast Rock Stud Shoes
Wednesday cast a spell her talent.
Oh swollen lips swell
Yessiree I’m going to tell at last research

Don’t pass next stop hell
The tape is still on quickie Lush hard on
Someone came to the Robin Rescue right on
She knows the extras to pursue

Scam artist doctors order not true
Researched fake boobs plastic face surgery

Few more thrusts tight hot body
His talent went to forgery He’s impotent
He had no control I got impatient
She loves her fishnet tied his fishing rod.

I researched his dancing strip pole. God?

She had the entering part perfection hole
“He’s The Stud” researched  his

sneaky hand’s exotic snakes’ case close

He erects and stands
Dealing with stiffies losers and fakes

Every month on Monday

He’s eating my Icecream Sin sundae
He’s thrusting hard into her mouth
Sex tricked cheaters showing her clit bud
And there goes history. Researched Ted

Are we being true to ourselves threesomes
and foursomes so after sex cums. He’s beating her
his Xtra drums
Her talent Xtra Pleasure “Green Planet” boob’s
day treasure
She’s Hollywood fake hot copied money no pay.
With such talent so lucent.
“Extra blowjobs” Don’t sponge me with Bob
Perhaps, Rob, I searched too many oversexed sized snobs
Extra firm grip playing for keeps.

Swinging kings fuck in their chair never sleep
I’m the Trio he researched my Bio headmaster ring
Talent for fakes extra beating for mistakes “Boobs”

Let’s burn them ready to slice Porn cake? He’s the boob man
the other one’s the leg man she bows to them with her fan
What’s with this men’s prostate?
He is always fucking those horniest states
He’s shuffling  she’s hard to tame
Porn star living in Castles sex emails in flames.
Hail lives Horney Bee justified. Sex a must mystified.

How she parted her lips all verified

How he did her in between dark side moon speeches.

Bleach Blonde Marilyn Monroe fetishes.

Mystical Moon researched 69 sides

What happen to the eight sides she devoured them
What hustlers  Hollywood blowjobs rides him

Blown away headaches. Beat me heartaches
We need good mentors and X-rated teachers.
We did research the Italian men with tempers
Extra bonuses fucking on the slides those stars
Nude campers.Hell angels ride

Next talent erotic blow me lips launches
Hot red hood in the woods she fucking
near the heat fire branches
.Her lips got talent like slutty blow fishes
On those College breeches, Erotic tattoos
So taboo
Erect up He shot in her special talented cup

On the web-like links balls and chains
We research all the swingers

taking their talent swapping.
Lovers on the train.
The next erotic technology teasing on airplane
Looking deep inside Madmen Gynecology
researched the erotic score tough

Psychology diamond in the porn rough
Sexology so physical sex awareness
They rang her bell her Husband was looking
in all fairness, she researched him adultery
became careless. All housewives and adultresses
did we miss the mistresses getting fucked?
Those extras came in like the Presidential Orgy
being sucked.Mr. Clinton had her under the table
Monica changed her talent  Trump buck.all over cable
She climaxed and gave her a chilling
Those Xtras gave her luck keep on to a great fuck.

𝑀𝒶𝑔𝓃𝒾𝒻𝒾𝑒𝒹 𝒮💮 𝐹𝓊𝒸𝓀𝑒𝒹

My signature style
my sex slide hips so magnified.
Everybody oversexed proportions.
Another hard Porn pinch potents

I could have lit a match.
What a divine killer Rolex watch
He and his white shirt needed love
starch. What a lazy bitch.
He marched to her service lush lion
The collection of erotic coins.

So the record plays what shows

So fucked she knows

He’s hard wild card

“Hot Record” Intrepid

How he pulled me closer groins
On the video camera all Porn

Eyes  so X-rated the way I was born
How he tried another lover switch
The paints strokes his cock lit glitch
Seeing that Bradly smile Pit
She was patiently waiting to sit

With magnitude spoiled her rude
Like the Poem she’s bit Wilde
He was the chosen bid creamed
Erotica punctured close up he pictured
how she climaxed
Her eyelashes flickered his cock was
the weeping willow.She got him hard
He was coming all over her pillow
She was the erotic jam tightly jarred
He was having fun such hot allure
He left one mark on her body scarred
Sexual minds like criminals but minuscule
From far away he sees nude Nicole body
almost ridiculed
His cravat has risen to her occasion aroused.
Time in a Capsule He was like a masochist male.
The time is going by love infusion Magnified so fucked
was his mission he had the better passion…
Inside me inconsequential what’s this all about?
Sex and how we climax.

On the web inside me breathing open fax
He magnified again sex record playing over. her life
Her body pains of ex-lax just like housewife
He magnified her nipples life was full of swingers.
Was seen with so many other couples
She felt sign fucked and he delivered her to another house.
I wasn’t this porn doll presidential knock me out poll
She felt Magni fucked like a troll with any luck.
She grabbed him by his cravat
Sipping her Starbucks
This was the end line she got him where
she wanted him a security lock.
I am so magnified I got fucked.

Have Lips We Travel

This girl was waiting outside the office the girl had her wallet out of in shape of Chanel lips waiting to give him some down payment to this Huntsman. But this is a lucrative business Miss Glossy it was springtime. But more like Hitler in springtime if you know what I mean it should have been changed to Lip tipster crime hot tip… What a control he perfected these lips explosion Lady bust.
He was spilling out blood from her lips of an angel but she was far from heaven to Betsy money and $ and more he couldn’t quite Brooklyn bridge the gap without her. If you believe that I will sell you the Brooklyn bridge lips were her asset. Please don’t cross the boss.He rides in a tinted dark car so no one can see him but he’s a sucker for lips.His voice took over hard but had her taste of velvet.She was wholly Molly lip money I said yeah “Lip Essential” so potent $ Potential?”To be so aware of his transactions what love afflictions of him.You cannot reproduce me like I am some kind of record.Please give me time to travel I certainly need a break and for the record, I am not your lip turner. Her lips skimming through his trail in seduction hair he drifted like a big river tide pleasure how he loved drifting___drifting & wanting so much more. What a “Smash Box” I got on him? with some of them, it was a macho image moral rich one.This was a business Trump Lip shape tower in charge Mr, Devlin and his partner Dimitri they were working on this HTML code that had to do with lips. Wait a minute for abbreviation it meant hell 2 my lips & look at him with his Jay Leno chin said nothing lip personal. She spoke out to say the hell to you sucker. This girl was waiting outside the office the girl had her wallet out of in shape of Chanel lips waiting to give him some down payment to this Huntsman. But this is a lucrative business Miss Glossy it was springtime. But more like Hitler in springtime if you know what I mean it should have been changed to Lip tipster crime hot tip. It was a control he perfected these lips it was his man thing his mantra. They heard this big explosion!! She said what the hell is that? Louder than a tiger on hot tin roof-boom: they needed to get the lip style hand made guns. She looked at him but she got turned on awe with his physique and broad shoulders. How he held her with his gun it smoked right through her eyes. Her strawberry lips juicy hot he got an edible bite. Every time she was traveling she took her books she turned the page and suddenly the next page turned by itself. Her lips were moving to another destination. This wasn’t the time to take another vacation? Her lips move on.What about him Hmm hard__.

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