What’s in a  Butterfly kiss godly bliss.

Waiting for the big wish

We chose the wish  fantasies

Butterflies R free

Cosmic blue part of me

*Far sky blue*

*So way out is it true*

*A kiss for this*

The person you cannot hold a candle to you miss

Blowing out your wish  he flies in your dish

Where will it lead our hearts, beginning to the end?

Love boost kick in the butterfly jeans start

So inspiring his kiss blows on your cheek

Spiritual kiss of joining lovers to seek

Her lips enter his world

strong vibration her butterflies

Bless a whole entire nation

She’s the Divination smooch kiss

Venus, lips not to miss bookish- kiss


Love mystery wedding in the making

Big Kiss

Headlines, history, second marriage don’t miss

Ladies angelic bliss Gentleman arriving late.

Music have wing’s-Robin love’s to sing

Stock market low but he kisses her

Spirits glow

She’s so high demand music sky

he kisses her hand Robin’s Fly

A kiss for all this white light of night

Lotus- butterfly

He brought out her best part

Music lady kiss grows crystal ball.

All in a psychic reading best kiss of all

What the kiss meant legacy of a nation

Rumors spread  wing’s conversation


Or people friendly, casual, or love spell kiss ritual

Kiss of royalty, kiss of virginity,

Lips she’s the warrior lady sips strong coffee shady

Love story fictional sensual words her lips speak

I want you a kiss for this she seeks

A kiss for this moment or unforgettable body flames

Champagne love glasses to be wed in your names

Legacy real you high society supreme he kisses you

Seduced lips butter-smooth___ Godly Divine___

She’s brillinatly loved stay’s put

She’s strength and  hold’s beauty lit

Goddess Queen her hair how it flie’s