Who’s up for a challenge all these wants and needs all linked in? Are we brainwashed team of players were all sabotaged. Do we need all

 this play dough hey world?____ Let’s face-it____ Were human or inhumane robotic. Let‘s not feed our brain’s world on speed psycho’s.

 Faces like a distressed pair blues not the same song. I belong right here higher level of consciousness we need to listen more awareness.

Shifting relationships who needs the past, when we can have the future.Are we in love spiritual hands Rock the planet we love our band’s. Earth, Pop, Art  world of music

.Eye catcher unbelievable force,pain, love &  desire all in universal form.

Eyes of a dreamer or are we true believers we want to see the world for what it truly is. Do we believe or we don’t want to believe?Are we up 4 all this,Our parent’s gave us life,did we realize how hard it would get,competition,All the president’s men invitation’s,Up 4 the vote political, what is this world all about, Are we losing our mind’s getting hysterical do we know how to cope, are we giving up hope,did we have enough?I’m the Brooklyn lady raised 2 B tough

What’s comforting like a food for our soul,World of passion those needs and she –wants what about what I want.The list goes on etc..