How she sipped her diamond Full lip’s racing 4 his coffee.

Stage-coach flew wild me in the fire-sky?

Robin’s red- breasted fly. Can you handle my Roar.Chilly night

took over ferocious love flight

He covered me  Kitten gloves warmth gentleman.Strong Trump

politician handling his delegates

They got love careless spilled milk mates.

Good-stock coffee Mouth felt his chill burr.Cheetah chasing him

She was stuck in another time

Singing the words sublime.Sweet tooth fairy lyric’s weaving

through eternity.Untouched caress nuanced

Sonata every word she hears so pronounced.

Word’s spat out succession.Love gets deeper fine tooth comb brushed

tears.Hanging so tightly

2 the carriage.Not your usual love & marriage.Sexy smooth talker

whole-bean notes.She

screamed loud whole Coffee of states.Coffee “Love” 1/2 Grain

“Orient Express” she spoke like speeding train. He got hooked

tasting her chosen flavor.

She Furs

wanted every sip 2 last..Godly savior.

Sticky buns two star-bucks I phone .Adam & Eve wiping off

milk from her sleeve.

Redesigning your thinking  Art Decor tub, Perk me up, purr

personalities ,obsessions, Cat’s have responsibilities.

Love of arts  cat’s theater. He’s the kit kat candy but he had the right spoon

stirring her Coffee right now.

Oceans movie set cat eye’s Dark-Age loud meow

a good set of lungs. Her silk detailed blouse ties down divine.

Extra news story read all about it!

Carriage rider took her  baby soft kitten hand how he.roared out to her

Gave her new life, all in a creature family

She became his wife.


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Author’s Note

I thought of this thinking of the beauty of cats

My Review



Initially, I was drawn to the title and Author’s Note because I adore cats! I envisioned the speaker reliving a private joke with her friend or sexual partner; it was playful and adorable. For some reason I viewed it as best friends falling in love. Cats are playful and coy; felines portray women very well for we can be similar. Yes, women can be seductive but we are far more than that. Intelligence was described in your words; this personal trait is important. A physically attractive person may not have a kind or beautiful soul. I also viewed this perhaps the writer was observing her cats. I find them amusing because they are so sensitive like myself; mood swings is a prime example.

Thank you for sharing!

Posted 1 Week Ago

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