Get off my shoulder  straps & straps wicked
Get off my bloody shoulder
He’s hot broad shoulder’s
She has a map tongue so hot he is close

Almost there another round we go he’s licked
See through her skin sweet

How she just click’s
Bunch of dead heads loser dick’s
We are all Bloody sucker’s, like were linked in
Turned on TV dark shrug the shoulder remote
Couch-nasty lover’s she eating up

dark moon chip’s
Hershey Gold all mine bag supermarket

dark-goods drugs
Dark comedy came late hell hug
Played out bad 2 the chip gig
Chocolate chips melted wax hell lips
Dark mind Killer quest
Gunpowder  off my shoulder test
Holds wicked heart 2 holster
Shooting out Chocolate bullet chips
Hell gimme more Mobster
Don’t fuck my chop’s gun-it Lobster
Goes a long shot off my shoulder
I’m getting hotter what’s with you
Ice box freezer I only want to

Tease you?.

I am already melted?

You better please me?

Touch  my lip’s with your shoulder
I touched  your mind
engraved deep thoughts scattered  chips
Frequent flyer used up my
Sweet lip’s  of the trip
Were all Mad Men dark chocolate TV chip’s
Movie action, chip’s & camera

Ruined my whole image lips
You slide back and fourth
Spaced out dark Darth
Leader of the Dark biker pack
Accident controlled Hell’s angel
Black spike leather  Goth you both

Open up you sensual mouth

Sweet chip’s from the earth
2 die 4 section sensual shoulder’s

faces of single’s
Men get angry Gothic chic

of the cloth mingle
Oh Father please. I have sinned
I have 2 many POEMS that I pinned
Tattoo on her shoulder overrated
Chips melted.Green  jaded
College dark and dorm Spiked drinks

Rider’s Jimmy of the Storm
My shoulder touched you moved back
Running naked dark shadow train track
Music played  unique & edgy her shoulder’s

banged into him

Singing me & my shoulder please?

I am singing, but his hot spot, is ringing.

Santa baby hanging, some sexy porcelain goth  Doll

Hanging from the mistletoe

He kissed my  mysterious shoulder

Now I got his attention, he notice me?
CD picture pushy shoulder

Stay away from my note’s
All over the Grunge sexy states
Draws the face low sexy back
Dark and Silhouette, Orient sexy smoker track
Black ink Black
Dark drama indecent refined vision
Double trouble moody-black transition
Let’s not impose New Black dress exposed
Shoulder sensual high-curve Soprano
Mob dark suit not my taste odd pursuit
Get off my shoulder I will be
Opening up another dead-heart {folder}