Are we all ready for a chill, did out live’s get to B on med’s stealing prescription’s, having fun with erotic pill’s.He’s banging so hard flooding your bed.You feel drugged.Not knowing where you are,Maybe hanging over the Brooklyn bridge all bare,who on earth really care’s. Knocking on hell’s spine chilling fed’s, Your waiting 4 roses, all they bring nasty black chilled rose, How long can I hold this pose.You look delightful in this picture, being stranded, no time 4 the rebel’s  coming 2 get me,hearing a voice on the radio saying your fucked, you needed to get back to your erotic studio,this is certainly disaster change?People are strange 2 many John’s I rather have Jimmy?Is this your end of existence.Bull headed Matador trying to seduce me dominant eyebrow  trait’s, he stared into bloody stream consciousness,chill takes over  your brainwashed,he’s the bull head. Being used enough said. Red cape  Taurus eye’s smothered me for -God-sake spat out his word’s
like a covered drape..He touched my breast I couldn’t escape. Spell-bound got pushed closer  under his valentine cape.Spine chilling escape anticipation what a revelation.
Caught me in his shadow silhouette fancy me shape.. I became begging he touched
a part of me
I felt his chill beyond anything virtual I became his trophy..he won we over  that wind fiercely blowing  hair Bob Dylan voice speaking 2 me Blowing my sin.
Digging down  hell dimension  split end’s combing dead lifeless.Is this my time the end..Frozen finger’s like children of the dammed.Creepy eyes sociopolitical tormented  evil dissolute..
So polluted my brain felt demonized?You were born this way, devil’s worked hard on you Makeup artist  all chill blueish red blush. Barnabas Vampire d Trump spoke out your hired.I vote 4 Trump let’s celebrate with  chocolate  Big tower truffle’s.Seeing his shadow,  how he saw you from his rear  Hitchcock window. Dark green with envy of widow’s, Robbing the rich lover’s poor soul .Red bloody strawberries cuddled all over my pillow talk. Toffee brittle easy to break not my virgin cup, he make’s my coffee. Did I wake up with another lover? Should I change is it all over?? Wizardly Pin-ball Tommy who on my music cover. This was not my original plan. Parisian  Book white pages David Bowie speaks 2 me Changes.Not  kosher remedy.. Chicken Witch of penicillin. Leg’s all black waxed  2 see kaleidoscope circle-me fax. 13 the square symbolic symbols ,,
Next page cut on my finger, inked your word’s Robin breasted exhibition, became his object ritual  subject., Forces strange movement,shifting around, he enter’s me. My century tormented.Next page lonely, like hell commented. Dark so articulate, was this my fate calling me. Amazon’s  I became his product Chill wrap subject..Things better change medieval times cheating myself  goods of the world,underground, became my supermarket!!Stock him he’s canned I became banned touched his can devil relish.He crushed my cheeks like Rotten tomato’s. My.Music played so deep inside Dr Office No place to hide walls caving in Gynecologist did that make any sense??Should I mark him my black list.Fresh mind cleanse  my soul please God nothing is easy I don’t believe everything?? Don’t B so naive expression  is said maybe someone will throw you off the Brooklyn bridge?..