Were praying hand’s never giving up this Universal World speed of lightning mystery game.

 Past not so perfect, the new rare treasure. Rumor has it to the very end of the game Scramble.

  What we all experience, needing help, we all need somebody.Mysterious world of fairies. Flying dove wing’s catching up to the time you lost

 Moon moving too fast how do we make the time? Don’t you feel like, you don’t have the time? That unknown place sitting, in a distant land.Showing your wing’s.Whose in charge only you against the world.

 Journey leads you 2  big disappointment.Do we have the peace we need.Are we all the same creature’s going nowhere?.World is so violent everybody is fighting

All these unknown signs hit like black eye but you still feel violated.Just feel an unknown

danger, but your sitting in your chair, feeling time stopped. But the chair is always still, the  earth- is moving  but what happen, unusual beat, feeling like a misfit, feeling flushed too much heat.

Unknown Chair lost it’s touch but you still fit perfectly.

S for smile and shout journey picking the artifacts, biblical treasures, don’t fit

religiously to your chair Einstein  intellectual, Your the adventurer need the right formula. What hold’s the mystery?

Charka healing emotional journey, vibrations, you became reincarnated.

Feeling different still have passion, hand’s hold heart connection.

Feel desirable, in your seat, thinking what was then made you miserable.

Not singing the same beat.You started sweating

from nerves temperature rising heat.Husband and wife fighting

like a game of pursuit..Looking anxious for money Stock broker suit

 You know what to expect you open up another subject science, the art’s

Eating your apple and pecan heavenly dripping caramel tart.

Sometime’s we all get broken heart’s

 Alfred Hitchcock journey of suspense?

Cleansing your soul another rinse.

Electric chair shocks may the  force  be with you.

World is like an underground feeling elevated in your chair

Mysterious hit man wants a ransom that chair of an heirloom

Leads you to undesirable world Mafia family  chair

Mob hit someone shoot’s fire  in the chair

Double indemnity  accident

lady killer  insurance scam sitting in the chair

Priceless lesson tempting but beware?

The chair with expectation looking straight in your future.Losing time. getting older,feeling the chill’s no love no thrill’s your chair is still there,but your not…