Let’s seize 1-hour lets brave-heart every kiss glossy rippling wave’s,carries inside me,a stroke.she licked her lip’s,How she stored him like a memory-bank I shall rise to your challenge,In fact He’s the knight and said,”I am rising up now” She was hung up in the picture to feel him over her and in her how she climaxed,artistic-her breast rising erotic & she                            could paint up a whole lunar planet, internationally speaking,


gallery/Gelato/Cafe-narrow street fantasy she toppled backward on the red dripping bed he had to stop their mutual sacrifices.How very odd ‘See”? I have been racing you with your parrot mind,all repeats the same word’s I need to hear. I’m seeing your curve’s how you fit deep-deeper in my Ferrari.”You have my love,she was the love me knight,or love tied my ring finger in a  knot, his everything, he loathed, manipulated, Sage has a racing heart to his beat.

                         Your Knight awaits:

She had something that none of her friend’s had:She was like the parrot repeating her words over and over again & he was over me & over me again & again.I was singing like a bird I think I, am going out of my head. over you,over you?She had a man, who loved her warrior but not completely?Thing’s alleyway’s get in the way.This was something to, computer process, my computer I felt like banging it, I was surfing so long seeing his picture with someone else the song was embedded in my brain, Sheryl what’s to crow about.Robin it was so easy like a fly by bed night.I apple phone why is everything I. maybe next year, it will be you die,if you don’t play your apple’s right.He cupped, my special blend, pep me up sex talk.

{Red-velvety lip’s} dripping & she take’s a bit cocky Italian olive.He sex feed’s her,with the best Italian wine, warrior cook’s he heat up her wild flames He sword’s through the sky

scheming his game, eating up her juices,her spaghetti straps, fell to her shoulder’s.His knife blade went under her spaghetti so edible strap, to pick it up.Purple passion paintbrush his warrior pen like a

duel feed Awake reality drips in,painting her world, pop-art grapes.could stain anyone’s lip.Sage went 2 Sicily carnal curiosity.His  libido working warriors time.The Italian warrior affair.She was wet to the skin swirling through the exotic tree’s warrior-Eve-sage everywhere they touched____she was feeling


tastefully-hot____how she hit his craving car spot.Sage loved her tangerine’s she bought a summer hot dress with her sexy crystal

energy necklace.Was Sage having, a warrior crises, sucked in Universe”.fighting a world of crystal’s St evenly,wordily,divinely,Crystal her necklace of power

but sucking up to Italian Gigolo Feeding and he’s giving expensive jewel.This was her amethyst day.Stepping over her body, feeling her juices, Lips open she the lover of grape.Vineyards high up his hill-top her passions black leather, how his pants, spread to the tip of the head book’She felt cheap”.She kept tight lipped– Sip’s of Italian made  small detail leash warriors love hunt. Wolf-inn bed howling she was so hungry

breakfast croissant’s French cafe stretching like a  cat’s meow 9 warrior lives 2 feast.Native Sex in the city New-Yorker. Land of wolves how they growled passions wild and rampant could fool anyone’s millionaire sex mansion.Warlock’s became the Butler’s picking out all the sword women 2 bust her. He was twisting through like she was the spaced out experiment-wilderness,warriors.Slicing-love-hearts,Movie-setTarantino reading Sage super critical story with being late 4 latte he was tied to her love ankle Deliciously his sword got in the way of Sage so swift dirty dozen computer.Sage couldn’t sit still seeing his email’s on her computer,did she believe his word’s,Sage emailed but in a compromising how you feel better from a love fight.But in better sexual term’s, she felt like, he was studing, every move she made.Sage, can be so sinful, if she wanted to be,he said to her wake up, my warrior beauty. She replied maybe I dont want too my dream’s are getting bigger then my life now.That sacred kiss, she wasnt on hold, like a warrior garment.She had a kiss, like she never felt, in the distant land, like Rapunzel’s castle.


The spell was working, no-one would see how,small she became, tinker dangerous eye’s of a winker,she could fool anyone but she was big thinker,,one of her boyfriend’s mate kidnapping this hot warrior,a virtual love, if any warrior women could sword man’s heart. Super crucial moment more than something to process.My computer his head close & personal love went apples & orgasmic orange spicy heart red ink writes but sometimes feeling like a thief but begging like a pirate stealing her good’s

he felt Sage was the candy plenty.

  Who would believe your story anyway.Sage took a beating rage what is all this?Sexter earth jungle, she was the aggressor, experienced his hunger, the

 land of wolves,

 how they growled passions, wild and rampant, could fool anyone’s, millionaire stock of money plan meeting their Warrior,extortion women

all over the world careless & sexual desires abortion.twist wilderness,of hearts deliciously exposed

like he got pinned Tommy banging sword.Computer got Sage emailed-compromising position

or in better sexual terms she had it coming to her.They had her on the brink of the surface.Imported rotten teens of tomatoes ruined got crushed girly cheeks she climbed up his body he smiled

and pulsating she still has her innocent’s.This was like a recreation, of their first night. Her lip’s,she was reassured she may never have a ring, but she was Sage serene,

   he had the most starry blue eye’s sexy curve of his lip’s she knew him too well.”How

do I know I can trust him?”You won’t know you need to guess though? Her sexual desires somewhat trusted but maybe he wasn’t too convincing.In what mind of love context.Artifact’s of Egyptian art Sage would not be aroused by so little she had fascination

for history ‘in the biblical sense she was tested like studing a man beneath his skin she could see a map of playing a part. Act upon her  “She needed 2 B-#one” is this an erotic part or just a boring blah blah act. There will be blood of the warrior knife he took her all in swift smile so taylor in her song.She said to him you are very convincing and she said I know you want to prove something & you are using me to do so.

Was he crookedly, convincing.It was like a game,of telephone,one person really tries to fool you. His whispering and it goes further down reading into his story-book of a line.People were

after them, but she was trying so hard to trust him,juicy words,ran all over me.I touched his orange spicy cologne.Love heart red ink made me think? Bloody roses private part warrior learned so much street smart. He knew how virgin-like I was in the bushes.Keys, engraved, words,desirable Peach tree,saying you better Johnny B good.Feeling compressed

love words to a priest, hooting @ night like an owl who would believe your story anyway.Sage took a beating rage, what is all this? How can I be such a fool.He played me 4 fool. What I did 4 a warrior ‘belly dancing like the Egyptian” ‘Are you sure”‘Im-positive” sexy about pysotic.I felt he molded me Warrior silly putty.He turned me,into his dark the world got smaller. Like a dot..trying to circle around like the general drilling my brain.


 What’s up! with the combat boot’s, are you going, 4 training, kicking some but, on the web cam.Sage savagely”Too many men seduced me” All new & pure, I wouldn’t exactly say that he used me I threw his warrior knife’s out instead of his groom clothes stays firm to the ground on my wedding finger please god don’t slam.Went shopping in Princeton New Jersey wearing my Warrior necklace fight off evil eye.Man, what sex aggressor,coffee,Warrior, what about me high tech bar’s laptops.Teens from Princeton University walking into gladiator bar, This will be the future getting pretty,dark sweet bitter, who is in your home Julia Robert’s pretty women sitter you wanted to take a bubble bath ended up with Gothic Darth creepy moth’s getting into my pretty red bed hair.Belgium my favorite

chocolate. Too many bad computer cookies they get smaler and smaller tiny Tim.How many grudgeful dark-room.Big thunder marilyn Monroe beauty mark on Tumblr


Teenage grunge warrior, another year addictive to the best chocolate truffle’s aphrodisiac looking underneath Victoria obviously, she has no scruples.What’s inside her Gump panties. It was getting like aforest he couldnt see.Her parents work{Online for erotic Don’t Toy- Sex way up- Company}

 Drum player Dick-soft-prezel,he couldnt even walk a straight line, met warrior, Sabrina stubborn,widespread, planet, diseases miss hardball, doesn’t know how, 2 pick her boyfriends.Her body, felt sliced, investigation, was assigned, to a Russian spy agent & bourne no identity, warrior Boy, didnt know his name she said get a grip, chill, his body went to stone.Please god! no more warrior’s I dont want to see doubles, twisted twin’s or triplet’s, quadruplet’s, I am trying 2 B single again!Do you understand me? Please Blade no warrior babie’s running my stable.

 like a woman spending 50,000.Horses.She loved them being in the country it was better then hitching woodstock,Everytime it rained the stock’s went up.Taking a ride Uptown-girl feeling gatsby,she  been living in her own little world, she needed Billy-Joel playing his Piano & Sage was getting a facial eh with Jello?She looked up at the women,her name was Cherry,her body was roll’s of flab, what is this the new face wiggly hello!!I rather walk with my french poodle skirt, near the Spa counter there was this distinguished, hot looking man,She got a view of his bare back how his shoulder’s & bicep’s

 tapered down doing double take right to his buttock’s.She tried to get her thought’s in order.How he could drape 

 around her.Dances with Wolfe’s, feather her fancy bow and arrow,Teens what I did 4 the warrior’s rebels.


Cool radio warrior station.He lifted, dark brow,he nudged, her toward, the lingerie kinky bra set’s,they should get a scholar his knowledge of female anatomy.Teenagers’ minds of intense warrior,he wasn’t exactly reading those book’s 4 computer dummies my eye’s were getting bigger like the gumming bear’s Sage made her peace,her crystal necklace was worthe a fortune,she brought herself hug-gable Alaskan Husky, she had a totally difference life, in Alaska.