Hi Everyone this is a quench your lip thirst remember to read mine first thanks pass this one.


The sheen in her eyes only turned violet hues but her lips could talk beneath her wings. He wasnโ€™t above her lips went 50 shades under below his Huh? He was spilling out blood from her lips of an angel but she was far from heaven to Betsy money and $ and more he couldnโ€™t quite Brooklyn bridge the gap without her. If you believe that I will sell you the Brooklyn bridge lips were her asset. Please donโ€™t cross the boss.He rides in a tinted dark car so no one can see him but heโ€™s a sucker for lips.His voice took over hard but had her taste of velvet.She was wholly Molly lip money I said yeah โ€œLip Essentialโ€ so potent $ Potential?โ€To be so aware of his transactions what love afflictions of him.Her lips skimming through his trail in seduction hair he drifted like a big river tideโ€ฆ

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