Played her, engaged her she ripples
Whats juicier than me euphoric nipples
So feminine and nude biting her dimples
smells of fresh strawberry. Sassy Mon Cherie
Darker sensual all love and me
I wish upon the star
My insides are hot top of my peak by far
the strawberries so ripe just right I count
Measured in the right place makes a proposition
he points love comes with many conditions
Going to blow juicy words 2 me clit jeweled
with my sexy pout, she climaxed to the heights
she shout’s with ecstasy all through the night
Do we have this planned out, she’s wetter
what do we see? Strawberry fields forever
Erotically trimmed stop in the name of fruit
She loves her game of pursuit
Luscious life is raw and ripe
Sugared lips how mine drip’s
All over his pinstripes
but damn good
Paint’s it nude boobs
she loves biting into her corn
and his cob
So reckless but divinely born
She sneaked around the fruit
Strawberry passion pursuit
My soul this is the last and best succulent taste
Not one will ever go to waste
I ever had.Those juicy stories wildly kinky mad
Emotion’s go down like the sunset and they get ripe
like the sunrise, I am the sexual creature With
erotically tasty features
Sex and my strawberries clit dressed down rose
I lift myself up seductively posed
The song plays out strawberry erotic
Intense sexy 50 style smoking fanatic
How she loved her body nibbling love intense
Strawberry shampoo French kisses of France
smells of strawberry’s juiced up her pillow
Strawberry sounds smothered my fellow
Good night my juicy strawberry moon
I grabbed him way 2 soon

We looking forward to hearing