He was so deep and seeing every move I made how could someone be so inside my mind. Having a good friendship laugh is everything remembering your best times you don’t want them to pass. We have different personalities some are high strung I am the Robin bird with an edgy side song. Things have a way of staying but we move on to realize we need a change of furniture. How many years went by so many different shapes.

I admire the 50 style Rita Hayworth ringlets so hot red but we are living in the new age. I am happy to be married waking up with my husband in bed. I am where I should be the new me they say the new black the new blue looking up at the moon. Getting too anxious sipping my coffee delicious. I am happy to be where I am. That Robin Slam. Not everything is about fashion glam. But we live in a world with lines and shapes how we feel to see them like a Medium knowing he had a way of drenching in my laugh lines that are the part of aging.

Take this on an insider how love and ups and downs come eventually around finding out who you are. There are obstacles and deep thinking writing triumphs there inside all of us called my laugh Lines. Magic so mystical nymph writer and swimming through times of her life I became the fighter and home filled with strength to guide me. Here’s the story

Let’s stay in Line!

He drenched inside laugh lines

Walking through Historic Hightstown thoughts go deeper he’s wrapped around your porch. He’s coming to your facial expression dropped he comes towards you. Was this a dream?

I guess it was how we want to be in someone else’s dream sometimes. The good laugh flows us to dream on. Your eyes started to change things start spinning like a Ferris wheel so real.

Your hands were shaking but your old heart turned young like Cheetah? Robin thinking too much that’s me the worrier. Robin goes bob bobbin along singing but not laughing to her song.

She is rambling on taking another sip my cup of love coffee. I had another flashback thinking how carefree everything was back then.

Like you were playing in the playground going into those red barrels where you lived in Canarsie Brooklyn. How I was racing with the rebel of younger hearts now I am racing for time with my own heart. Saying how many blasted squirrels do I see? Thinking back at another time I was the tomboy playing with my brother’s friends always racing.

My brother had a friend how funny things could be his name was Howard Shultz he came over our house. Who would have thought he’s the owner of Starbuck’s things are so funny but amazing that he came over our house.

he grew up in Canarsie Brooklyn just like us. Everything slows down taking a slower sip gold tip of a rim Now I am the singer with a Dark dramatic Gothic touch. Sometimes I go out of his box erotic yum. I am on U-Tube I talk like a sensual storybook. Not everything we see is the sunshine so bright our mortgages can cut you like a knife. Love the stars dark I will definitely leave a statement mark.

 My hands can confess to any story. The change  David colorful minds of Bowie..I’m like the ground control losing myself at times without a heart and soul. But I have a spirit of kindness remains the same. Love goes deeper than laugh lines this isn’t anywhere near fame.This world full of video games were on speed drive maybe I am too much on my hard drive.

I needed so much to take a trip remembering I did travel to Italy and France love goes deeper like being in a trance-like. London Abby road the big ben. Did I get where I want to be the perfect ten? Too much cleaning and recycling. Maybe a better change of scenery. California here I come I was there a different time.

What a hard day’s night sitting in my chair. Not knowing who I am. Everyone is on their text all interesting views of subjects. But now everything went grand slam. I am not the model

I used to be no royalty red breasted Robin bird that’s me instead of my Blue blooded crown more laugh lines feeling I was on the long and winding road. Are you getting stressed? Here’s my song to cheer you up until telling me what you think. How I felt cornered needing some more air there was a place we all were hanging out called the four corners saying to myself just breathe. Like faith’s song with Tim Mcgraw but things got tightly lipped.Just me with the hint of youthful color blush. Remembering a song I played over called Hush.I was the cosmetician making up everyone’s face now my time for someone to take my place. Well, the world I feel good now I am a

singer poem writer and a damn good fighter. We are women we need to express ourselves

My life on hold I feel like the mulberry bush round as a diamond but the only thing I got was Neil Diamond.

I did take a tour trip Italy and France. More culture my greener love pasture. It’s a new age you’re the New Jersey Woman to top things

off your life was not always an easy friend. Maybe Mom made me feel better reading my palms. Think less and remain calmer. We all need more love hands

of the world to extend. Are we playing for keeps? That keepsake charm going Key West lovely palm’s but your stars sing universal I needed to face the music. You’re the trendsetter singer.

The postman rings twice love goes deeper go slower no dead ringer I had a very small wedding with a beautiful diamond setting. People love to throw their rice around. Now I am throwing my words around.

Do we know what we need are our feet guided on the right ground? Sometimes I feel you need a good book and that will be your treasure to be found.

I guess you could say you paid the price. Did you get completely cut looking like hawk-like nose, time goes by another dried up turn of the century rose

Do things turn magical or do we dwell too much on things that are tragic. Can we read people’s mind of the tarot.

We all want to steal someone’s secret. All the Presidential men all lined up like their perfect ten. My husband Mike he cooks and cleans he’s amazing he should win an award.

How he touched a part of my face did he heal my wound. Going to the NJ stables life of the hoof and hound. Getting more down to earth. So many fun places in New Jersey by the water the Point Pleasant so waves of brilliantly… the beaches on the New Jersey Shore home blow me away feeling.

Going to the Freehold Mall spending money left from right waiting for your stars to come out in the promising night

I’m the Robin bird lines get deeper is anyone listening how we need to be heard. Doing the pledge allegiance standing still

like a Trump tower nice to know that were eating and not starving,.I do wish at times I can go to the spa. I got more than a food craving. We should be more thankful. Having more probiotics we need that in our body to kill the bad germs. Life is such a study so many tests come up with mid-terms. I feel I am somewhere but in the middle of the rainbow, I didn’t exactly make it to the top. My Mom loved Judy Garland she saw her shows live. Too bad she got Alzheimer’s I didn’t really know her anymore. She had a tragic experience I will never forget. She was assaulted in the nursing home bathroom. She was left in there for more than 20 min. The nursing home told me when I saw the number that was it I knew something was wrong but I never thought it would be what they told me. But they say life goes on. But too bad the memories are haunting. I also got raped in California. Before my sweet sixteen, I had a gun to my head and I had to strip. That was the worst experience I ever had in my life on top of what happen to my Mom.But we must be strong. Life is what you make it and also cancer doesn’t care. We need better remedies.

I am a book writer my books are on Amazon Robin Carretti.

I do see my godly light over the horizon. How quickly life goes by within each hour. Your ready Robin to go into your oasis of the shower.

Sometimes we feel like hunter’s prey but life can change bring on the delightful teas of earl gray red heart rebel’s of Rooibos

Forest Hills Queen of pearl jasmine green tea. Mama mia & the Tuscan dream remembering your good times with star is born Judy my Mom.

She saw Judy dressed up with holiday Garland. My home with Twin rivers is the only green I will see in Emerald land. I could certainly use some comedy Like Joan Rivers Lol.

I’m the Robin bird feeling free but the smell of the rose sometimes changes it doesn’t smell fresh got tainted.  Loving the European spa feeling therapeutic showing

your gem of a mystery shopper. You’re that rare birdie to the tree top no stopper

Singing another tune surreal Twin Rivers my home of today singing the blues in your big walk in closet of all designer shoes. Our mind going frantic what to wear things darken but Angels around you laugh lines like the goddess sun brighten. Your lake lady.

You’re looking over the lake Two hearts to discover___. Love goes deeper need to recapture___ like the seven-year itch spell

So trance-like picks you up joining River. going with the flow we all need some fireworks to deliver whether it’s your Mom or

Loyal so true friend Or the King and Queen of royalty we need to lift up our gravity. That why we have our laugh lines let it be art

Her uniqueness tea shirt stands out in her heart it says italic written Aging for the Ageless. but that Robin birdie the wanderer undressed

What more to confess.The spicy floral print sundress did we miss something to address? Robin rambling on with her music her words of a story book she loves birds thinking of those B-9 Eagles in Fort Myers Fl seeing the birth of them were amazing. I love to tweet maybe that’s why my Mom named me a nature name Robin and Joy my middle name. I am far from any kind of fame.Pop erotic, At-least but cool notes she doesn’t park by the meter getting fines.

She didn’t care about her lines and wrinkles she was always the performer having the mid life laugh she loved mystery good past

Wind blowing she’s cool and savvy. Chocolate dipped cone smoothie lined lipped. it talks her flavor ice cream. Like the .

Forest Queen lady of the hills Awesome Austin Street Forest Hills Queens But loved walking in the big New York City Queen

Serendipity on Lexington I was. What decor vintage stained glass crystal chandeliers what serenity looking up passing time feeling younger.

never waiting on lines. She was thankful and so happy for her aging wisdom or going Back to the university those twins traveler of tricks

Call them the condom what ravens of the community. Dark mystery old treasure things — we — get — for — aging AARP senior citizens.

Closer to dying discounts for what counting every year that we feel robbed from. How many years steal your younger beliefs

what do we believe live-laugh-laugh devilish grins of disbelief but when you lie about your age higher position raise your assets

Show –it don’t blow it nothing will come your way it’s your bet God gave you a brain you know it transforms Einstein of energy

Mass = Abundance of. Life what enchantment holds that glass? Don’t let go love goes deeper than anything you know? Like that glass everything became crystal clear.

The smile of sexuality and shimmer opens brighter rim. Getting laugh lines at forty we think too much in the past. look forward don’t

Be a coward like you’re the bounty hunter hold that loves show your assets of a flaunter But when you turn much older you seem

to party more and have a blast. Doctors love their business tons of follow-ups cashing in the big bucks. World of medication like your brainwashed. Riding on a horse with your stirrups. Your mind needs to start up over again.

 So religiously speaking like a monk need that peace of meditation Too much of the same routine more. Viagra or streams of the water love my Canadians Niagara were always around clocks tic tock tic tock.

 How the hours of hours almost remind me of Dorothy didn’t keep her eyes off the hour glass now when we age we cannot find our glasses.

We put them on a chain link how low can we sink. I rather do more things with my computer link give me my Grand Marnier diamonds of a drink in, not your grandmother

or your holy roller brother. I guess this is not an emerald city like no other I just remember how beautiful the first time Over the

Rainbow what beauty of color

Mom loved Judy Garland but I didn’t meet my wizard just a life of the odds. It’s like you’re in the shining thirteen number Jack

Will I see my next anniversary or let’s face sit writing straight lines fall off your rocker? Victorian love test of time so sublime locker near the ocean writing as free as a bird. Another

Anniversary lines of years rumors turn like Space my stomach of tumors.

Watching the hourglass trying to make up for time lost or are we all paying the price cost to achieve things not your wed of rings never the way you plan it they once

were vibrant and turn old ashes gray he doesn’t hear you anymore like hell of a tinnitus maybe it was good how many curses came out of my mouth.

Have another cup of tea earl gray darken sky makes you want to cry where this gets us we all die in the end. Your hardest hit lets not throw a menopausal fit instead of being upset

go out in the rain sing like you never sang before tear drops falling on you wet I loved to travel I went to so many

nice places Italy London France what could be more rewarding and uplifting we need to relax smell the air

add more fashion Be Be rock it gear whether made in Italy or London made in France that international world we love so much around the corner at a glance.

Telling us to have more fun or always rushing for New York cabbie on the run eat, sleep never catching up same

old thing. Huh did I say old don’t we hate that word Ageless. Remember when you were like a Peter pan

you were always jumping like President Reagan political yummy jelly bean or flying with a Skippy sandwich in between

skip to my old age who knew someone told you to respect your elders. Now in this new age state of the art, let’s have heart new technology innovative minds of climbers.

We love computers and all the fun gadgets maybe the next fun things should be aging but we still see that kid brain keeping busy bees in a nest

Going on a mysterious underworld quest but we Goggle everything .at life’s best

The woman angelic good apple amazing smile or days come by tears but reckoning time of years but a good pep talk

“You still have the look of the power walk”

Quaint walk through the Town of Cranbury NJ rose blossoms aged perfection trees. I love the tranquil area to walk the quaint shop’s antique cars what beauty with the Cherry blossom, dogwood white beauty or black beauty what’s black and white do we really see that. We should be thankful for what we see.All about Eve apples and the nature of good things come. Being in love happy and good sex in the city single married couple we all join together.