Roll that red carpet dine $ lips wine over me

He’s over me to Love me? To wed me all cuffs

sheets under me. Pegasus loves me.

She-devil art deco just do me!!

Phone cuffs speak to me. Can’t you feel me?

Her smile how swift he cuffs me in drifts
The phone circle’s me I see his cleft
I got a Lead his sensual smoke.

I phones ring no doubt glass she broke.
Me Sherry valuable and vulgar
She’s the red pepper a dash her by far
hot dissolved sugar ย Pegasus star
Mr. Rude touches everything that’s
hard not sugar cubes semen
Galley kitchen. I have a video website
What a hell’s swinger kitchen there’s no God
“Greece”.Miss Monroe wiggly hips my satisfied grin

my satisfied grin.ย Santa Porn cookies monster mini.

Deliciously random words of wealth
I Phone Mistress by Mistake Porn mouths
The sex Island of Santorini

Miss pussy Poseidon adventure.How she split

How she splitย took off with Pegasus and Darth
her lover sky she laid me out like a turntable but
I wasn’t exactly in my hot cakes to fry stable.
She had it she made it and she laid it out to forget it
I phones and cuffs to capture… swizzles with swingers

My master keepโ€™s us jumping. Big muscles
chest I am stumping homey bad heel side
soft wings pussies What a cowgirl so fastidious.
In the bunch of erotic smells of hay.
She won the contest like it was her Lotto Tit ticket pay.
Apollo the Clouds nymph of the sea. Who’s the best
swimmer by night fucker.
That lucky Athena sea beautiful
kept her shape on the phone climax shake
Does Pegasus fly the Victoria Giselle wings her
active mate? Phones together cuff celebrated.
Phone me yellow tail Sushi lover X-rated
They got laid all night on the Fiddler Roof.
Sunrise and he wore the low set.

These other New Jersey wives are the great
Gatsby the Great fucks you bet.
I rather drink my “StarPornbucks”
best coffee I ever had.

She acts like she ‘s some mistress.
lost cause dress numb.
She lost her part of the bed wing.

So succumb nooks and cranny crumb.

She dressed me smoking jacket sexy
spikes and cuffs with Sally
Did I Miss something hot mustang?
Please don’t search me or phone me
You won’t get me or see me
Heโ€™s so jealous I am the maid devious
Flying like Pegasus
.My lips pen
I write he’s the sucker
Those Greek Gods took my best car
Bently Girl bruiser.
I am hot Athena Hollywood blower.