If this isn’t loving, he doesn’t know what love is.

Heavenly you got me  hellish  more love fetish


So out of breath he pumps hard inch by inch

Italian hot pinch

Just bite me jabs deep filling her sheath

His teeth tugging at her earlobe. Bite me over the Globe.

The coffee he’s up erect grips him hard like silk.


He’s the semen milk. My finger in his mouth

Fuck me hard but  hardening like silk

Hearing his words sadistically hot sarcasm

Just a maddeningly bite dazed by powerful orgasm

Silver bullet Porn shaped vibrator

Fuck me now not later

Her need is so much

Such intense eroticism for his every touch

More pleasure a must just for his salvation.


He spins her in redemption he seeks

Like giving birth her nipples peak

Stretching the skin slick velvety folds

She grabs his cravat to hold what unfolds?

He plunges deeper in and out body rhythm

Another decadent orgasm treasure

Goes boom drinking in her gasp of pleasure.

He fucks her so deep not enough room

He sets the pace hard and fast

Her face in his lap at last her tongue

touches him, is his favorite intensity

Hardcore is raw at her best sexuality

Feels it ripple swipes her tongue in more

Every nerve ending is inflamed her core wet pulsing

Wet  pushing hard pulsing

She is cumming in time she swallows him

she feels him swelling and prolonging building putting

pressure on her most sensitive spot

Her pleasure coffee spills on his spot. She is already

deep in his heart another bite urgent needs every inch.

His thick shaft they both have a bite what an edge of release.

Begging him to start over Please. Biting me needing me begging

me over slaving me being watched Madden bite

all over the website…