The 14th day of the month
Gold exquisite birth
Worth $ *  %  ++  =

just live

(A Ton of Gold)____

Moulah $$$ to give
See you in September
He’s 24  years karat

 The Hornet gold- Green
She’s the goldish mean
I phone text hush
(Bee sting gold weight
all new) rush
–   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –
My 14 karat gold toilet
Such a rarity very few
only wants to flush you
Has a gold eye crush
Golden posh
He got the lush
hell get ya
 A wicked gush
Like the gold rush
mulberry bush

A dasher, not the slasher
Shabby chic selling her
goods of trash to the
She lights up like the
refrigerator he’s the

“Jumping Jack Flash”
Rolling Stones
Brown sugar turned
14 karat gold
*     *     *     *     *     *
Drinking her lips
Overly Folger the dirt
warm brown dew
Change me to gold

bad as new
Hope inside gold-finger

The Grecian Islands

They got robed guessing?
The thousand island
of dressings
Seance 14 karat globe
14 karat shined on
She schemed him on
She tied him in like
All the judgment days
Just one day bring on
Honesty is the best
rivalry her gold you will
get linked to her sanity

How there pledging went out
But she saw something of
–     –     –     –     –     –     –     –
Too much gold on her door
Let’s be “Planet Clean”
so repugnant
Hands coming out like
green mutants
Mother in gold monster
Wicked spray repellant
So gallant goldwork
Scrollwork fine lines
You just love to
hate her $

sticks hell Ya Luv Ya

She always flushes her
loves down
the toilet

Mr. Bond bank toilet roll

of funds________
4 your eye – – only
14 karat

The Sire
Orange petal
blossom huh?

Oh! honey this is about
Gold  duh he
doesn’t orange me

One bit unless $
But she will never
Bee plain honey

10 times your $ $ $
She chained  in to fit


14 karat always goes up in price
she loves to flush
his jewels of spice