She started the recital
She changed the words
for herself to be oneself
2- B Selfish but he wished
she was his flower, not just
any flower no act
Dream state true fate

Powdery* pulled together

Cheeks glazen Rosy
Love hours staged
with flowers devious

Love is growing where
one can see
Getting closer she shined
uniquely as something
Yourself beveled GodFlower
mirror glow her
all by herself
The man with
exotic Tiger Lily
By the ray of light*
Sabotaged by fright
Shining on her shelf
Somehow he didn’t get a
to see **

Her at twilight only she
no-one else
Flowers are like people
Smells of a floral page

Engaged $$
Flowers all staged
People that are people
Are the luckiest people
in the world Twin Towers
not forgotten
Wait for the
Forget me not?
Nothing is planned
Tie a flower to not forget
Bouguet fall from his hand
landed on your lips

Two couples of Tulips
Hips of a Sprinkler
By herself took a
Polo Horse slim her
Lovely Rita in May
Beatles with Lady-bugs

Reminds herself when
she was hugged
The Stirrups flower daisy cups
He passed with the halo
of hiccups
Rose command him on
Lending another hand
Beautify hair strands
The beauty splendor
of love does it stand?

She grew “Self-Reassured”
Her plant beds gleamed
Beflowered by him


She could have used
more height to bloom

With sunsets, their lips
needed more $$
He towered over her flowers
a self-sabotage
She loved names of
He ruined her flower
friendship visage
Left her with one he planted
The mystery of flowers and love
We take so for granted