What if I told you
not to discourage you
You’re the part of nature
The very part to be loved
and captured

The world scientifically

comes and goes

But perhaps? Your expectation
I want to encourage you

What we are not
We all need to

be recognized eyes up or

Falling down not to be


Like an energy force
What we hear let nature
Fly high but of course

How it got to you
Unexpected surprise
More digging artifacts

The true facts of divorce
Spiritual eye compelled you

To be or not to be
(The Shakespearian) dialogue
The world revolves around

The unique and the strange
(Many Rules) a dust of the wind
The dead ones The wild or bad ones
The kindest hearts of souls

It’s not very logical or practical
To use it never to abuse it how
another person transforms it
Solving the problems
Such a delicate moment the rose

And strike a pose I suppose

The Lady Madonna

Like it or? What before or not?

Your money is not always

what it seems
Feeling alienated mind


Yes or no the Nothingness

Going somewhere
Well let’s consider the Rainbow
yourself part of the family

How every molecule
something clicks
The good earth Apple
All the keys comma, star,

So many deceased or not

ever pleased
@  # whats the odds percentage %
The exclamation point! !! & etc

Fresh blueberries the sour cream
Those landmark cemeteries so
vivid not a dream

Every Data color is the
warmest earth worth

every beauty of color

The revolving Globe
Her Grecian robe contemplating
You’re the physical sensible person
Trying a (Sun filled) vacation

Our eyes see but they’re
not clear not the friendly
Environment somehow mean

Or bluer than the sky clean
But “Hi’ nice welcoming
Robin bird fly__*
Maybe it’s not your true birth

What do you know he knows
or she knows
Overly confident paint brush deviant
Don’t underestimate
Who we really are the believer

Comes in three’s negativity

Accept the craziness
You’re not the wallflower
The world captures you
Your head was spinning
with fascination
time of blessing
what is glory
Let the people hear you

The side of the story

The restlessness above all  the love
Feeling the dizziness

I know the world would be
a better place face your fears

I see the smiling face
Show your hair
The fresh cut daisy
The brightness soothes you
The Daisy my favorite
because of Mom
She taught me well

I will always be her daisy
What makes us happy
That personal growth we don’t
need a wish just push forward