Blue moon flower

Self Sabotage Staged

She started the recital
She changed the words
for herself to be oneself
2- B Selfish but he wished
she was his flower, not just
any flower no act
Dream state true fate

Powdery* pulled together

Cheeks glazen Rosy
Love hours staged
with flowers devious

Love is growing where
one can see
Getting closer she shined
uniquely as something
Yourself beveled GodFlower
mirror glow her
all by herself
The man with
exotic Tiger Lily
By the ray of light*
Sabotaged by fright
Shining on her shelf
Somehow he didn’t get a
to see **

Her at twilight only she
no-one else
Flowers are like people
Smells of a floral page

Engaged $$
Flowers all staged
People that are people
Are the luckiest people
in the world Twin Towers
not forgotten
Wait for the
Forget me not?
Nothing is planned
Tie a flower to not forget
Bouguet fall from his hand
landed on your lips

Two couples of Tulips
Hips of a Sprinkler
By herself took a
Polo Horse slim her
Lovely Rita in May
Beatles with Lady-bugs

Reminds herself when
she was hugged
The Stirrups flower daisy cups
He passed with the halo
of hiccups
Rose command him on
Lending another hand
Beautify hair strands
The beauty splendor
of love does it stand?

She grew “Self-Reassured”
Her plant beds gleamed
Beflowered by him


She could have used
more height to bloom

With sunsets, their lips
needed more $$
He towered over her flowers
a self-sabotage
She loved names of
He ruined her flower
friendship visage
Left her with one he planted
The mystery of flowers and love
We take so for granted


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Daily Blood Bra Tra La La

Going to the bra Christmas Gala

Was  Tra La La Bra trader

Anyone would love to hate her

Deserree Villalobos

Victoria Secret Blood encrusted

Those Snackerro’s 15 million

invested she was arrested “La Bra land”

That Bra bag Katie Blood was inked

The smells of cachet “One Chosen Bra”

Did it stink no buyer’s steampunk Bra link

She got death star blink needed a push-up

Call of the Villalobos just bite her cup

She’s the rich blood niche red blood white

Peppermint wiped her clean dinner mint

Being Launched bra “Historical” Boob cruncher

Claudia Shiffer, she’s the Shifter bra walker

Girl has gone stupid bra she couldn’t lift

her underarms those firetrucks of Vampires

Her villa of bra’s got burned hotter

boob bras returned

So high end the bitch she extend’s

her long neck sticking out

Vampire Bites stand out

Vampire Diaries Ohh La La

bra journals the Nocturnals

That Bee Hive Hollywood bra

She was “Tagged and Blood Marked”

Beehive of Vampires her bra

didn’t survive

Prima Donna O Donna she was bra hooked

All over the News on Fox Bloody bras “0”

Please handle these types of five

The Vampires staying alive

“Saturday Blood Fever”

They couldn’t retrieve her

“Vampire market”

Her bra cup laced over her “Veranda”

Bloodsuckers of the Can Can “Tomato Cans”

Hot saucy boobs of the supermarket

Going to the Blood count  Sex in the City

Hot Miranda what a take off bra

That Carrie the writer stuffer

Ha La La  Christmas bag

hearing music Lady GaGa dive in

Getting Mad at Madison bras of sin

Lady Cora hardcore bite her candy cane

Watch out this bra is taken not to adore

The bloody Apple Jubilee bra premiere

Hot and sexy bleeders underwired Brielle

Like the Website readers of “Wired”

These Vampire Doctors blood bra orders

La La la Ha Ha La Ta La La  Where’s your Bra

Ho Ho Santa is bleeding high demand for bra

gifts of feeding Oh! No bra stakeout

Blood Potato Conscience

Hearts all over bodies of

His blood its getting hellish hot

He orders

Over my dead conscience

Like a blood science

The Prince  had to overbreed

Stop being a Potato Head

They were hot Tomatoes Or I will

have your blood how well said

Not becoming to be a “Monster Mash”

I will behead you in a flash

All Potato his “Alliance

” What a Double Damn

Presentation Vampire Glam Palace

In England only the blood diction

High mighty neck hottest attractions

Numbers and blood codes of fractions

With no conscience

A learning experience

Like Marco Polo no bloody game

of Polo rotten potato falls dead hot

The waiter got bloody shot

Vampires devour blood, not something

mashed it looked like corn beef hash

Racing the Pinto like a blood sideshow

But some designer red Black swan

Her face so Vamped white

The heavy chain trapped her

wedding train she flew like

the Black Swan sparrow

He does the cross to bow her

To bleed her the arrow

The crossbow

Like Gizmo just say hell-Blood O

Like a skid row, drinking wine of

Bordeaux  in the convent Like the

French lieutenants “Black Swan”

The computer Vamp Techs Blood Pro

of dominance hey Bro

So Lucent everybody had no conscious

they were indecent “Sloopy Joes”

On the top Vamps like “Vertigo”

White and bloody please no

Like the raging bull and Rhino,

bloodsucker truce a torpedo

He’s a true blood Scorpio

Many years ago lived in Monaco

She bled like a “Rose Jericho”

Oh, no there is Blood Doe

Although whats below

bodies were hidden who

would know

I bestow my blood throne

Just sit special blood potent

Cup of Joe

They came to see the “Black Crows”

another gift at the fancy Chateau

What if we foresee or forgo

her name was Margo hot potato

For the kill tray blood power grew

The Vampire’s wanted to bite her glow

What a Strawberry Tomato Please

do not throw

Any worthless potatoes just start to chew


Tight Three Vampire Crush

So tight not to be or “Bat Bee”

of “Three” not to breathe

Or crying like “Blood Bash”

All of three to grieve

How we smelled him through

A bite crush we slithered through

his sleeve

The Blood man left us apart

So like three mindless bloody


Heart to heart or All blood

Let’s roll the blood action start

Wicked smile spread about

What’s on this bloody Earth will

I achieve whats in your blood

Like “Three” wishes to believe

To Constrict what to predict

All school crushes

Amiss or mad as hell comes in three

to be so pissed

Such openness of bliss my tongue

more than a couple of times

He missed

Who became the mutant cat

Interview with a Vampire Lestat

Third eye life all blood conflicts

Lovers, we became the

chosen 3 so beautified instinct

Not the basics “Tight Mesh”

Satanic deep red relic

How he  hauntedly hushed

So cornered and to panic

Being shredded over necks

The rising blood initiate’s

He opened up to do me three

times the hell of the gate

The computer all embedded

He’s shedding and still in love bleeding

Like drawn blood upon his bite

I became the beggar and he was holding

the dagger

Or a virus of flowers bleeding Irises

Seeing his reflection like a dark

Silhouette what frustration where’s

Alurring Antionette felt victimized

Almost tragic dead he was accountable

being held what was told like Two meditate

Or Infuriate a crush on someone to agitate

Why are we heartless or feeling disposed

Dispossessed or a bite so possessed

Vehemence Dear Vampire

Come out to play with Prudence

She felt an “Emptiness” how the

Vampires departed

Dies in three’s to digress

they flew dark haven dew

They were all crushed bent out of shape

Nowhere in hell to ever escape.

Blood Manner Panache

Everything was playing so


Like he became Heavenly blood brothers

Almost dead Mother’s Rise of holy blood

fathers and he’s the


at the London Metro.

Blood filled tombstone Cafe Bistro

But people were more than

blood things

A substitute or big “Hero”

But they weren’t waking with O blood

or B so negative so rare

drinking deadly who cares

But a style of panache

Or grotesque with grace

or in another manner disgrace

His face the “Reaper” all circumstances

Fewer but true redder romances

the evidence got flown away

Like a stewed “Hungarian Goulash”

Entering like an eclat but a cliche

these Vampires and their maidens hang bloody high

With the raw bite so flamboyant her manner sigh

In her hot bodice styles were so nailed becoming.

But a bigger blood manner was moving toward

her so risque

Dances with a dash such flair

storing more blood my dear like a


Their necks were suffocating more mating

like a web server

“The Others” were sleepwalking like Nicole


Like another language takes over

a code talking nevermore

But the wrong type of blood please no more

Such failure whats to prevail?

Like self-murder Titanic sail

Vampire’s  attached bloody email

At the spa-like looking wolf-like

Being stripped of a face peel

So habitually like blood uses

The best collection blood choices

So mainstream erotic dream

Rapture blood manner gesture

So popular stream forevermore

At the concert, he noticed who she was

Tis the holiday features

That maestro what style


Like a french Brulee bite of toast

He was the hot bloody roast  he

got her blood the most



Scholarships Rise Drips

Was there a rise in Scholarships?

Or more “Foreign Exchange”

for blood trips

We are waiting all doomed

Scholarships and Stocks pay

In a blood counting day

Vampires Silver or Gold their

bullet blood vest

Did he pass the test?

More tests like it was invested

College girls neck to neck

how the blood sticks

Like a rare steak blood overdose

It makes you sick

But studying like they were comatose

Let’s never suppose her finger near her mouth

near her bookends sexy four-eyed

who commands to travel like a Sothern belle

going South. He flies down to land

life is enough to take.

We awake “Neck to Neck” another bite

or reject

She wants him eyeglasses but he always passes

He passes by or passes the test I don’t know why?

Seeing him from the breeches front

Being all bloody Red Fox blunt

Studying really hard like an eye hunt

Going to the book fair red feisty looking hair

So many scholarships for Vampires

In a daze wickedly taking her test, he stains her

blood inked with desires. Those scholarships

more of his drips  a test to pass this wasn’t exactly

Going to Church on time like mass.

Religiously uncontrollable urges no

time for merges. She was caught between two

human beings. How he summoned her on

his best grade with a bite open neckline

is getting a scholarship such a crime?

That hot tempting gear of schoolwear

Became bloody roses of warfare so

chronicled and she panicked.

Looking out feeling animalistic hungry feeling like a

red glazed donut materialistic.

The window opened so sensually a face erotically.

How it connected her like playing pool like a magnet clinging

like a web

The holiday fire-light made her spellbound dazed.

Like a tragically beauty she was

looking for him so crazed. In the deeper burnt red book.

How it raised at her, she passes the College test.

Schools out like “Vampire” summer he was riding her bloody roses

all over his red Hummer.

Maybe there more to this then a test aren’t we all being tested.

Let’s finish the test maybe you can understand the rest.





Dicken’s BLOOD Restrictions

Books for college her


How she met his blood match

Like Avalon

Her eyeshot on just come on


of the day Dicken’s book spell

like a  glitch but got a hunch

Stop playing just stay in red and

let it be dead like roses in a bunch

Open up your vampire eyes

See what lies ahead

So concentrate studying

this Bitch  so

striking her Blood lightning

his match

Like the horizon, she points to dot

Invited to another party College Frat

Having a blood clot story plot

That bloodsucker bookworm

He bites to hug her wiggly books lead her

Vanderbilt roses wilt

Vampires sensitive nose smelling

Too many lemons leading to garlic

New blood type got restricted

so  book struck manically

Gothic Equestrienne her name

was Adrienne satanically

Vampire astrologer right blood


Like resurrection or “Hat Divination”

She weakens more blood hits

Like wicked cream cheddar

But she was laced with webs

Looking so much better

Believe me, He’s no Lincoln

Dickens proof of the beacon

Saving the Vampires Operetta Hat

Tragically magic but dirty desires

Went book pressed flat

What a strike of a bat pleasures

Underground Umbrella spanking

All about the best blood ranking

But some bad blood of seizures

Blood flow Miss Prairie

Came to her like a pipedream flood

His Fang went closer like a

“Umbrella-Cruella” should

Got up close she was wearing his most

tastiest school ring she got the lead

of the book for the brainiest

With his permission Umbrella webs of

vampires the rain Scarlet she sings

 She joined the submission the bell rings
She loves her book and umbrella
She reads him Vampire fortune teller
She vanished  with Dicken’s what!! and
left his hat

Vixens Vampires Declare “0” Rise

Do we declare all secrets

Death can be very “0” sacred

“Our one-day Creation”

Like a Decoration only

Ask her 4    “Red”

Dreams unfulfilled

Her statuettes drinking chilled

Scarlettish fever burning

being grouped like a


poisonous bite at play how she stayed

Like a “Maelstrom” ending up in Belguim

Craving more chocolate like wars of

blood grenades

The boss’s  blood run initiates

The dining room long necks so challenging

A tease to aggravate

Always a feisty debate or changing into a Vampire’s

Everything exists a knife slicing a cake

Or you awake or dreaming One specific

Things come to you at random

Modern Cinderella Vampire fellow’s

“One day Creation” of blood Kingdom

Your bleeding death wish Oh! God

He places his dish near your dangerous wish

what you see is blood 0 note bleeding

“Gone Wild” it’s absurd what’s to exist

the herd of skulls and zombies

Then modern new “Where’s My Glass  with his

bloody slipper? You’re trapped  the “Rise”

carriage ride another  dead “Rise”

another zombie mouth to feed you

Do you wish you were dead?

Another hot bleed silence but you scream

You don’t shut up

Pushed to a path going insane

Or psychopath beware a creek

Rolling hills dreaming overflow of blood

Red darksome slender column needing a

bite more some Vampire exist Humans love to react

What is really to exist

Fairytales or Vampires real

little Jack skull corner Jack the ripper

I assure you that you won’t be in a corner

all dashed. Or your slashed like pipedreams

Plum trees jingle like “Dukedom”  another attack

Jack the Ripper or Jack the Lantern I rather have

Vampire of blood at  private place at random hearty

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