Blue moon flower

Washington DC Singing Dracula B.C

In the early AD or B 4 blood

“Happy Blood Birthday”

BC Mistresses red dress met

“Nosferatu” The girls best blonde blood

Friends quite “Continental” sex mood

Weblike thread lingers

Her blood money in residuals

Presidential Vampires “Confidential”

Marilyn Rise dress of blood pricked

Through her Tied in TuTu she

was the “Chosen” one picked

Blood Stamped you Wealthy

Astral “Realm” In the snow

Just a bite steady and blow your

home welcoming  his rise up

Girls no Sweathoddie Blood rings

His size up

Got devoured up Presidential sing

Those Phantom’s “Pricks ring

Possessed with problems

So what if it became “Fucked

Those seamstresses got stuck

Threadless Tarantulas they suck

sewing capes  but its time

for blood, it’s what we all deserve

Her neck longing in the

“Red Halter” begging woods

Hot Hor D’oeuvres yummy good

A thousand Dracula’s Feast

New Virgins to teach

Washington DC Vampire speech

Red feather’s tickle their necks S&M

Burlesque. The welders’ bloody gates

Blood bank holders drink like

water spilled the leak gates

One was named Tony Blood O

Mixed up Red and white swirl

and He just met a bite of Maria, not a girl

“Reincarnation Red hot  O {Die}mond Christmas”

Blood to life  “Carnation’s Headlights

Blood born number 1 bed Twilight

Vamp fangs “Victorian” typewriter

She’s the Blood Countess

Blood holds thick in her hand

But no-ones “Honey”

Anonymous deaths more

Suckers living with heiresses money

Santa bells blood-giving

Vampires Limited leaders

Something falls O negative his balls

So ancient got a thrill with Victoria

Suave Aristocratic erotica pictural

Bram Stokers how they steamed-punk

Folkloric  Dark matter “Nocturnal”

Viad 111 Dracula  Madagascar

Blood million’s of massacre

The blood drinking “Hot Daughters”

Bloodbath of attention their Hitler ‘s

in Springtime bloodflower bites me.

I’m taking orders and coming up

with more blood inventions  I dare you

to try me?


Våmþïrê Loves в𝐥𝑜𝓞𝐃𝐲 Details

What’s fate

Most Expensive Blood type

in your dark shadow plate

So fancy boobs play up

hot fire set

Her lips wet divine

no crimes like the blood

should be dripping to her fancy

so ornate she looks in her coffin crate

Biting into all the details

Please don’t arrive late

Drac- Johnny Emails never fails

The bitch he transformed her into the

Gothic erotic witch her majesty

blood type she got way to  wild

so hype

He loves red hot wheels

Long winding fast and furious

The Quickies

neck what a hickey he’s wearing

a dickie her hair too extreme

way  to short  her name is “Pixie”

he’s longing for the bigger bite

Amazing scrollwork website

Bloods thicker then

grave-shift work

Another human jerk

Venetian style Italian

French Vampire Stallion

Gondola He’s dressed like,

Santa Claus wearing the cross

She’s in her bodice all details

red lace he pumping more than

“Ferrari” gas that Nightwing all

NightingGales he won’t pass

Blood O like a creamy Oreo

Blood pump Gas station Red sauce-y

Hot meatball meeting another bite below

B negative rarer selective

Let’s Zero in on the “O” Ho Ho Whoa

Christmas balls blood river Niagara

French high peak falls seducing

Vampires so compelling

Vulnerability thick community

Things were insatiable

Vampire pumping “Holiday”

blood at the table.

Those seductive bites went sky high in

their flying capes in doubles

Amazingly thick her red sauce takes too long

Vampire bite is quick and forever strong

ℭ𝔬𝔲𝔫𝔱 𝔇𝔯𝔞𝔠𝔲𝔩𝔞 Red 🎀Tiki Bar

His eyes intense popped “Red”

Her heart almost made it

More pumps to bleed it

What’s really in the count?

 Whats the bloody point?
She counts even being dead
  her neck still drips

 he approached her with her Hot wheels

“Red Rogue” Damn hellish lips

Let’s make a deal Vampire trips

Being far from the “Fashion bloody Plate”

Like twilight changed to Vogue to hate

No blood on my dress on the web

But never invites. They always come.

By her Vamped wing clock sport

The first kiss dating blood mating

Like a color Diagnostic of any sort.

“She-Devil” airbrushing and he was

blood pumping the chosen star

Blood sisters got thirsty @

the Tiki bar

Tons of hot drinks they flew like Vampires.

Yelling fire

it takes a lot to scare me I know the desire

Was he ever violent or malevolent

She became isolated. Another drink blood mated

Please let’s be honest blood tolerant enemies

Holding the trophy. “The Rise of Blood Emmy”

How he went to her with his  V Viper drink

The darkest Vampire zooming out

Tiki Bar

Turned on”Bat” whip in a blink

The bleeding edge to condemn her or him?

likewise,  the stare like a blood rise.

The drinks were rising like a pool of blood

not Pennywise There will be blood on your

hand surprise

Her neckline long stirring

His blood countable long neck’s

feeling comfortable

Only the best blood count hot bite season

How it spoke to her meeting

Jack the Ripper

But Vampire was a lot quicker

Meeting another blonde bombshell

She was in her own blood shell

Oh! Yikes became Vampire Therapy

But still rising “Oh! Cemetary”

Send me my bloody Mary

Öh! Gð†h Mð†hêr Be Unfair

The Goth Odds

Warlocks Gothic Gods

All Odd Mom’s

Unearthed Mummies

The humans became the


Heavy metal drums

Dark glitter metal gum

Where are we really from

Goth Google Zombies

love deceased hobbies

Dark beasted money frugal

She’s breasted to starve

in her portal

To rebuild shield

never to be yellow yield

What’s to forget to believe

Death hand to hold

Believing is deceiving

Oh! Goth Mother be unfair

We don’t care to be fair

We are Goth ghostly

All posted heavy metal pair

Were not being tested

The dark heart of regrets?

All arrested world dominated

Artist Goth graphics

Earring in her nose muse

Christmas time Rudolf

the shock of a fuse

Another pill dose

Goth images on the billboard

Dark cabs of traffic dying rose

Dark fetishes of frets bruise

Protested ego inflated

Goth memory the scars

Hard rocker hells angel

Motorcycle handlebars

Goth remains with Dark

Enlightenment Goth Parliament

All Pewter GodMother lover’s

All cradled Darkstar babies

All   “Scars” Ghostly and left with

Godmother of  death roses

Pill poppers in doses

Darker Taste Of Purple Goth


Whats in a Purple taste
Is it passion richer or Plum hotter
Or sometimes we go past
the comforting zone it gets scarier
or creepier maybe way darker
Then you could ever Purple haze

imagine sublime
To the world, we may be but one
But we cannot help the darkness
and what we become
Fighting loves and pleasure’s
How much to take and endure 

Dangerous lover of flirts
Like a Group of Men deep purple shirts
Walking and lurking Dark knight car
hearts on the line he’s blinking
But he is deep in your mind staring
He hits you the lover of darkness

Not one speck of brightness in his
expensive frock coats
He devours a look at her expression
her untouched smile no reaction her
jewelry ring in her mouth
How the men came to her in flocks.
Quite the love attraction she had the blackest
straight silky hair but she was stiff laying there.
she whipped it in his sharp blue eyes
so clear through the Neo Goth night

The curve of her waist he went under
like an explosion of sheer nude darkness
Insane sinful madness the lace patterns dress
He laid a rose and his words to confess
The music culture they loved Evanescence
She felt obsessed with his music reminisces
Rose thorn she was “Gothic” the day she was born
We need to accept life even when purple prunes has torn

Vampyre Trailer Park

Her Bones and seductive Red & Black

hair coated not to swear

Not one Vampyre tear

It takes two billion money bites
She is Foaming and costing
He’s “Non-Taming” lusting

He marked her park

Forever blaming engraved

in a tree bark slaved
Park darker Gothic bites
More trailing computer bytes
Insides of necks and her stomach

He devours she pours
She start’s to eat away in pecks
Black Hawk monarch
Heroically but hunting

dark dreaming in her hammock

Their rocks being thrown Devilish
Vampyre pack, no fucking throne
More cacking and biting
Possessed and being alone

She loves the bleeding Dante Inferno
needing no hating blood fertilizing
Snake venom more Phantoms mating
Smiling fangs digging for demon’s
Vampire blood pores deep below
Sacrificial love, she was shameful
But he followed
She felt like a failure rare blood
higher scores

Superhero draining life force
named Zino and Edvard Munch
Vampyre bunch of course
Hell of love Virgil
Red shot eyes of pupils
The painter William Adolphe
Bouguereau 1850’s blood sucking
fiend all gathered cults of friends
The blood reflection of self
Mysterious enigmatic turf

Immense blood draining erotic
The darker forces disk of
“Floppy” blood-bath messy
She learned to be happy
with nothing but blood
To give up everything
But Vampires are so good

🅰🆂🆂🅰🆂🆂🅸🅽 Creed Just Bleed


Don’t mess with me??

Well even death has a heart

But you can’t see
She’s the deathly cold hands
Rip her so easy apart
The drummer with his sticks
Some of them are asshole pricks
His piercing ears like a Psycho Darth
He strokes her hair plays her
music to her flight of insanity
Assassin creed no dignity
All Freaks dying moths

She snorts with her pointed nose
Like an assassin, the last kill.
Fuck those poses ouroboros of death.
Her black X nipple ring he batwings
Gothic codes Gothic Dungeon it hang’s

Bloodsuckers minds of Nostradamus
Vampires and Freaks whats dead on
the status
Goth oracle Vampires bite into her
Dead hands of a popsicle
Christmas wreath wishes for death
Cuts and bruises cult dance going forth

Spider earrings and Dragons Vampire rings
What a hot Gwen D’arcy looking for fishnets
Gothic pewter pendant long threesome neck’s

They are boob busting ready set
Her music playing from a cult convent
She not your Mother Mary

Her list gets stronger to bury

Like a cult of Cow milk don’t get it near me

Her height of a climax not from your diary
Gothic meshy went heartless bloody
His blood count is bloodless
Even death has a heart needless
New York bloody season
Vampires of Macy
Goth Plum trees look Ghostly
He had three words
Assassin owns me
Baby, you don’t know it yet I am free

Noone owns me

Antibody Blood Hottie

It’s a power thing
How we just know to cling
Like erotically hot number


Or Adam blood hottie

Numbers form into
demolition game of
“Demons” like thieves
Scientology morons
Valence Science blood friction

Needles in the vein

Alaskan mates like bloodhounds

Falling angels on a train
We are taking more blood rounds
Egyptian Hottie nipple ring
of the Nile grounds of fangs
All sexy Vampire sounds

Antibody between Life
or death blood rush
He hot red Atumnmy bush
Showing her teeth
His balls could crush
her  so way underneath

All him good

The wine deep crimson lips

She sets the mood

with his hot fire trim
Killing bacteria drug
rush tattoo blood rash
Wicked commands
Blood rare roll of sushi
Juicy floozy ready for
Good fuck in Fuji

Hot Lucy has blood
runs like Diarrhea
Meeting Maria and
Here comes Cytheria
Blood bank Galleria

Other people were
getting sick gonorrhea
Oh! Mama Mia no red
sauce mix our blood
Blood brothers a lot thicker
Vampire sisters fuck
a lot quicker
Red District Vampire
precinct so descent
Blood locked Holmes
Afterlife took over
This wasn’t the foursome

leaf clover all bites
Tormented websites

What’s left 4 Mia all
blood pack of calls
His blood protein
The main event
Paranormal it went
Living in the terminal
So primal like a parasite
Killing the virus
Darker than hell website
New status Hell-0 Bloodline


Her skin orgy biting
Felt alienized siting
Red-eye snake
dissolving my skin
Feeling swallowed
more hallowed
blood sips devoured
“Be Decent”
Or Present as untrue
but alas bloody compass

Threesomes moresomes
specified all verified
Blood hottie multiplied
He knows blood flows
Stock of bloody money
The Dows
Our future blood is
hellish good it shows


Vamped Coffee Inn

If this isn’t blood thirst for love, The Coffee Inn

it may have been my biggest blood sip of sin

So out of bites holding vintage years all wicked drip of tears

his powerful breath he pumps hard inch by her crotch

 He jabs deep filling her Mon Cherie sheath

His teeth tugging at her vampirish earlobe.

Bite me over the blood through my veins

What a drug fix all over the Globe.

he’s up erect grips him hard I’m the lady in red


He’s the Vampire milk. Her lips bleed

Like a reincarnation by powerful orgasm

Such intense  need eroticism for his every touch

More pleasure a must so sultry,

he summoned you on the heavy need of salvation.

He spins her into redemption he seeks

Like Vamp birth her nipples peak

Stretching the skin red velvety folds

She grabs his cravat to hold what unfolds?

He plunges deeper her body rhythm

Another decadent orgasm treasure

Goes boom for a gasp of pleasure.

The blood is there to reassure her

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